What gifts are most effective at trade shows?

A question often asked by exhibitors is: What exactly?giftWhat's most effective at an exhibition?

First, let’s take a look at why we distribute them at the showgift?

Invoke the Law of Reciprocityback and forth

That is to say, let the other party produceThe subconscious mind of “what comes, goes”. If you give someone a rose, the other person will feel that they owe you a favor, and they will feel that they should respond to the kindness of others. Distribute to your potential customersgift, he will have a good impression of your brand. You use "giving" to give the other party a strong impression, so that they accept your offergift, the idea of doing business with you arises subconsciously.

Be rememberedremember me

giftIt is a souvenir from the exhibition. The kind of sample that can make the recipient think of you and remember you for a long time is the best choice. It is best to have a sample that the giver (potential customer) can put on the desktop in his office or his children can play with at home, so that he will remember what he said to you at the exhibition. Had a brief interaction.

Drive Trafficgain popularity

Free distribution at the showgift, create an exciting atmosphere and let you get more attention. If the decoration style, booth layout, displayed products, exhibitors, etc. of the two booths are exactly the same, and one of the booths is distributing promotions,gift.

You can definitely imagine the distributiongiftThe company's performance at the exhibition was much better. Don’t underestimate free distributiongiftrole. Everyone wants to get something for nothing, whether they are serious engineers or well-dressed bosses, this is human nature. You can tap into the depths of human natureThe weakness of "getting something for nothing" is boldly distributed on the spotgift, you will attract more people to your booth.

The most effective exhibitiongiftShould have the following characteristics:

Make It ConvenientLightweight and easy to carry

No matter how good or expensive it is, if yourgiftIf it's not portable, potential customers won't want it.

There was once a company participating in an exhibition, and they insisted on handing out the best products at the What they distribute is capacity.500Multi ml glass beer mug. Not only are these oversized cups heavy and weird to hold, but most importantly, they are fragile. No one wants to carry such heavy beer glasses around the exhibition hall, not to mention that they will probably end up shattered in the bag. So don’t make the same mistake as this company and provide some clunkygift.

Brand ItBring your brand

Needless to say, everyone knows this. But make sure yourgiftYour company is printed on it1TP 3T98logoand company name. We distribute at exhibitionsgift, just hope others can remember you. It would be best if the products distributed are directly from your company. At least, it’s better than giving away branded products that have nothing to do with your If a potential customer gets this from yougiftI went back to use it and found it useful. This shows that yourgiftVery well chosen. Samples of your own products are always the best way to get potential customers interested in your

High Perceived Valuehigh perceived value

What everyone wants to get at the showgiftMust have high perceived value. For example, many years ago a customer distributed8GofUSBflash memory. that time,8GofUThe disk is very high-endgift, the audience rushed to grab itgift, as if the scene was the biggest robbery of this century.

High perceived value can also be reflected in thisgiftThere is no other place, only you can get it. This makes it easy to get it.giftpeople feel thisgiftVery valuable and collectible.

Be OriginalBe original

Ideally, you would like thegiftis unique. Exhibiting companies always try their best to be original, but in the end it was discovered that at some large exhibitions, different companies were distributing the same things, and the only difference was the color.

If your booth delivers original products that everyone wantsgift, your booth will become a place that everyone wants to visit. See someone else carrying yoursgift, everyone will ask them where they can get it. Soon you will find that people are looking for you and coming to your booth. They all want to get an original

hint:giftNot a universal magnet. That's right,giftIt can bring you popularity and traffic, but you have to make good use of these opportunities. You might want them to work hard to get thesegift. For example, let them watch your demonstration, or chat with your sales first. If you give gifts to people whenever they come over, you will eventually find that you have spent a lot of money and gained nothing.

Make It UseableBe practical

You sent itgiftThe more practical it is, the higher the likelihood your potential customers will take it home and actually put it to use. Don’t kid yourself, know that we give outgiftThe farthest place for most of them is the hotel trash can!

Providing branded tote bags is a very practical option. Professional visitors will use your bags to carry items distributed by others at the exhibition.giftand information. The great thing about tote bags is that people will see your bags everywhere at the show, and they are likely to come to your booth specifically for the bags. If someone wants your bag and already has a bag with you, your first reaction should be to put his original bag into your bag so that the label on your bag1TP 3T98logoIt will be seen by more people in the venue following the footsteps of professional audiences. (Of course, when you let others put their things in your bag, you have to do it skillfully and let people feel that you are considerate and considerate without being too deliberate.)

Many people choose to send pens on site. This is a very practical and classic method. Although it is classic, it is somewhat outdated. Yes, pens are indeed used by everyone in daily life, but they are used forgiftIt is too old-fashioned, especially in terms of attracting the attention of professional audiences.

Make It TeachableA bit technological

One thing is often overlooked. distributedgiftIt’s important to include technology elements as it will give your exhibitors the opportunity to interact with the audience. If you are handing out pens orTshirts, thesegiftThe usage is very obvious, and there is no need for exhibitors to explain their usage.

If you are giving something that requires your exhibitors to explain a little bit about how to use it, then your salesperson will have the opportunity to have a brief interaction with the audience and explain it to the audience a little bit.giftusage. This explanation session is quite useful.The "scheming" setting gives sales staff the opportunity to act like a mentor or teacher to guide potential customers and create a certain sense of intimacy with them. Once your salespeople have the opportunity to be seen by potential customers as someone who can provide guidance, the sales opportunity will come.

Sometimes, hands-on guidance may be needed, in which case the salesperson has the opportunity to enter the prospect's personal space. Everyone's private space is reserved only for family and friends. People are used to doing things with friends or family. The opportunity for close contact will allow you to better establish a relationship between the two parties. You can gradually cultivate this relationship and you can have a good start with potential customers.

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