The necessity of corporate marketing and publicity

Internet Age,"The fragrance of wine is also afraid of deep alleys" Enterprises must take the initiative to publicize, especiallygiftIndustry, there are many small and medium-sized enterprises. These enterprises are small in scale and have few manpower. They are good at production and operation, but they have no clue about publicity.


Today, the influence and coverage of the Internet have far exceeded that of traditional media. Therefore, any company that can grasp the Internet as a propaganda tool will be able to"My Lord rises and falls."herein summarygiftSome key points on how companies can do a good job in news marketing are explainedgiftThe main directions that companies should grasp when engaging in news marketing:


Authenticity. News must be reported truthfully. Nowadays, the spirit of sharing has been infinitely amplified on the Internet, and people from all walks of life can"Preaching and solving doubts." If a false report is made, once it is discovered by professionals and then spread like a flood on the Internet, the company may die in an instant. Such examples are common on the Internet. Therefore, news must be resolute in reporting truthfully.


Renderability. On the basis of authenticity, do some appropriate emotional rendering. It is understandable that publicity requires exaggeration. This is an effective method, but do not overdo it. There is often a thin line between exaggeration and falsehood. Therefore, rendering is a double-edged sword for news marketing, but the difference between good and bad publicity effects lies here.


Positivity. Refuse to hype through vulgar events. Although event hype can temporarily attract attention, such information is difficult to control and will leave people with a negative impression of the company and its products, which is extremely detrimental to the long-term development of the company.


accuracy. Mainly refers to accurate delivery. At present, in addition to comprehensive portals, there are also many vertical portals on the Internet. Such websites mainly involve a certain field and have a fixed group of netizens.giftIn the industry, websites such as and are allgiftPractitioners are paying attention. Therefore, when doing news marketing, special attention should be paid to placing press releases on vertical portal websites that are relevant to the industry in which they are located.


Focus. Publicity must be focused. Enterprises should focus on promoting themselves and the characteristics and advantages of their products, and must reflect their differentiated advantages. This direction must be firmly grasped in publicity.


Relevance. News content must be relevant to the lives of potential users. In the information age, a large amount of information floods people’s lives, and people are becoming more and more selective in information selection."Utility". Therefore, only when news content is closely related to the lives of potential users can it be possible for him or her to stay here.


readability. The news points and their content should be as interesting as possible and consistent with what the people like to hear and see. Relevance is one thing, and fun is also essential. It must be relevant to you and make you find it interesting. Only then can it be effective."Incorporate" potential users. First of all, we must pay attention to the title and strive to create an attraction and shock. The title should be realistic, rhetorical, and summarizing. Then, the overall writing style should not be boring and plain, the words should be smooth between the lines, and the rhetoric should be accurate. This point is fundamental to effectively completing the above points.


Persistent. Plan the length and intensity of publicity time. News marketing cannot be done in a day or two. This is not something that can be achieved once and for all. Only by planning the length and density of publicity time so that information about the company and its products can appear continuously can we produce very good results.


After grasping the above points, you usually pay attention to the accumulation of some corporate news, such as releasing new products, holding dealer meetings, corporate culture internal training, etc. The cumulative effect is that these communications will increase the company's impression points.

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