How to give corporate gifts to create new ideas

Corporate gift giving is actually a kind of marketing activity, which not only includes personal friendship, but more importantly, involves business etiquette and corporate image. Therefore, corporate gifts must be considered carefully. So, how should corporate gifts be selected?

1. Sending health concepts

We don’t need to say much about the hot trend of health gifts. Health gifts can be seen in both macro and micro economic marketing fields. It can not only be used as a gift between friends, but also as a corporate gift. It is the main form of public relations and promotion in various industries. The injury gift company found that as long as it is a holiday, health gifts have very good sales. However, health gifts cannot be given casually. Only health gifts that have been carefully prepared can get customers' attention and understand your intentions.

2. Send fashion

After smartphones and tablets, wearable devices have become the "new favorite". It would be a very good choice to give customers a "wearable device" with a full sense of technology: smart watches, smart bracelets, smart glasses, etc. Will become the new favorite in the corporate gift market.

In addition to smart devices with a sense of technology, there are also some environmentally friendly and low-energy consumption "green foods" that will also become a trend in corporate gifts. For example, "green" cups and kitchenware produced from wheat straw and natural resin are natural, healthy, and durable, and have become a new choice in the corporate gift market.

3. According to the object

If it is given to foreign guests, then you should choose corporate gifts with national characteristics, such as blue and white porcelain, cloisonne porcelain, etc. You can also look at what local special gifts are available to give. If you are an international customer, then you also need to understand what taboos the other party has so that you can give corporate gifts that are well received. Otherwise, it will be bad if you violate other people's taboos.

4. According to occupation

Corporate gifts can also be differentiated based on occupation or gender. For example, according to occupational classification, there are travelers, managers, painters, writers, etc. Different occupations will have different characteristics. The corporate gifts they need are also different. Traveling outdoorsmen may prefer travel outdoor equipment, such as compasses, thermometers, goggles, etc. It would be better if they are limited edition brand products. If you are a corporate employee, you can give some business offices with the company logo printed on them, and managers can give you leather goods with a higher quality.

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