Smart selection of business gifts in insurance marketing

It is difficult to be an insurance person;oneIt is even more difficult to become an insurance business elite with excellent performance. However, it is difficult to overcome difficulties, but the only way for insurance personnel to overcome difficulties is to overcome them.onechoose. Here I want to talk about how to effectively choose business in the insurance businessgift, thereby quickly getting closer to customers, ultimately impressing customers, and successfully winning their trust.onesome thoughts.

Insurance business personnel giving giftsTaste, absolutelyonedoor knowledge.giftIf given properly, the results will be very good. Not only will the recipient receive the gift easily and happily, but the giver himself will also be very happy. Here, what we want to talk about is not the gratitude after successfully signing the, but how to pass the appropriategiftTo achieve the purpose of signing a contract, therefore, giving gifts during the sales process is risky and isonekind of venture capital. For this stage of businessgiftThe selection and gifting here boils down to the following principles:

1, the principle of "light on etiquette but heavy on affection"

There are many factors to consider when choosing the perfect gift. First of all, we must consider the cost that the giver is willing to pay, because gift-giving isoneThe ultimate goal of a business investment is to obtain returns. Therefore, of course, it cannot be chosen apart from the expected returns of the,oneThe annual premium for each piece of general insurance business is between a few thousand and more than 20,000 yuan. Therefore, according to the expected income ratio, this determines that we cannot choose an insurance that is too,oneGenerally speaking,giftThe cost price should be controlled within100Within Yuan, or even less, we must resolutely implement the principle of "courtesy is less important than friendship";

presentTasteThe quality of a product is not measured by money. OKgiftNotoneThey are all valuable. Just use your brain and you can come up with something that is both economical and can convey

2, the principle of “doing what you like”

Typically, the interests, hobbies, and aspirations of the person you are gifting to should also be considered. You definitely hope that the gift you give is something that the other person likes very much, so as to achieve the purpose of giving the gift. Therefore, you must be well aware of the customer's preferences and concerns; of course, ifgiftIt is personalized only for the customer himselfgift, that would be better.

3, "Follow the rules" principle

Gift-giving also needs to consider the situation of the giver and his relationship and feelings with the recipient. It should not be too hasty and should be thoughtful.oneProvide a certain space for understanding and contact. After you have initial interest, choose the right time to give the gift. This will make the other party happy without making the other party feel too abrupt;

4, "Create opportunities" principle

Often we are choosinggifttime, we all hope that ourgiftcan bring us closer to our customers' views on something, or becomeonekind of common hobbies, or trigger common topics, rather than just leaving the gifts after the gifts are delivered and customers don’t pay much attention to them.oneOtherwise, the meaning of our gift-giving will be greatly reduced. Therefore, it’s best to choose special gifts that create a conversation with your customers. At the same time, if you sendoneA small gift can also give us several more opportunities to communicate with customers, which would be even better.

A friend gave this to his prospective clients:onea professional companyoneA high-end service product, and my friend conducted a detailed analysis of the target audience of the product, and basically selected those aged under28years and above, the annual premium is8000Free gifts for customers with more than RMB 100. According to him, the effect is very good and the customer feels very novel and happy. This gift has greatly helped his business development in at least the following aspects.

Thatone: Help him create and customersoneIt’s time to communicate, because gifts areoneA professional service product that requires his assistance to complete;

Second: The gift itself opens up a harmonious relationship between him and his customers.oneA very good topic, and this topic is directly related to topics such as health and insurance;

Third: The gift itself is very novel and fashionable, and the cost is not high. At the same time, each gift isonea personalized and uniquegift, very arousing customer interest.

A friend said that he had given10Many prospective customers have received such professional services as giftsgift, I feel that it is very helpful to the business, and the signing rate reaches80%above.

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