Is N95 the best choice for children’s masks?

Masks have become a must-have item when going out, but for those of us who have never worn masks since childhood, many people are not used to the sudden need to wear masks during the epidemic, especially children. When many parents opened the masks, they found that their children Often when breathing with the mouth open, children seem to have difficulty breathing under the mask, so what should we do?

Wearing a mask is like setting up a "filtration barrier" for your respiratory system. This barrier must not only block particles, droplets, etc., but also ensure smooth breathing. In particular, children's lungs are relatively weak. Children's masks worn for a long time first require comfortable ventilation. Don’t be blindly keen on choosing N95 masks and medical surgical masks. The ventilation resistance of these masks is around 300 Pa. Although they have high protective performance, they are not conducive to breathability. They are not the best choice for daily protection of children.

Many parents are very worried when purchasing children's masks: children are unwilling to wear ordinary masks. Children like colorful or cartoon-patterned children's masks. Are they safe? Experts say you should be careful when buying beautiful masks! It is best for the pigments used to dye children's masks to meet food-grade standards. On the contrary, masks dyed with chemical raw materials may cause negative effects if worn for a long time.

It should also be noted that children's masks are not suitable for infants and young children 36 months and under. The small size is generally suitable for children aged 3-6. Children wearing masks will affect their breathing, so young children should be careful when wearing masks, and parents must pay attention to make adjustments at any time. The medium size is suitable for children aged 6-9, and the large size is generally recommended for children over 10 years old. Due to the individual differences in children's growth and development, height, shortness, fatness, etc., have a great impact on the face shape, the selection by age group is not scientific and is only used as a reference. When parents are shopping, the best solution is to try on their children and then choose a mask that fits their face size.

At present, many children are beginning to return to school. To this end, protection must be done. Wear masks and preferably gloves throughout the process. Avoid direct contact with public items or places where everyone comes into contact. And cooperate with temperature checks. . If you have very young children, it is safer to stay at home.

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