Principles of public relations gifts

business giftIt is used more and more frequently in business negotiations, meetings, product launches and other occasions. Along with various corporate activities,business giftGifts often not only enhance the reputation of the company, but also promote the brand of the company's products and services. However, companies are giving giftsbusiness giftWhen doing so, certain principles must be followed to achieve the desired results.

Principle of priority

giftThe quality of the relationship is often an important symbol to measure the sincerity and emotional intensity of the person you interact with. but,giftThe nobleness or disgrace of something is not always proportional to its value.giftThe value content includes both material value content and spiritual value content. Therefore, when choosingbusiness giftWhen doing so, enterprises should pay attention to the principle of light etiquette and heavy affection, and choose different degrees of severity based on the specific

timing principle

Timeliness and appropriateness are the most important. Everyone attaches great importance to "giving umbrellas in the rain" and "giving help in the snow", that is, paying attention to the timeliness of gift-giving. Because only what you get when you need it most is the most precious and the most unforgettable. Give each other corresponding business PR gifts during traditional festivalsgift, will make the relationship between the two parties more harmonious. In addition, on certain anniversaries of the other party, in order togiftSending each other will also have a good effect. Therefore, companies should make good use of giftsbusiness gifttiming, choose the right time and opportunity.

principle of utility

Business PRgiftThe practical value of PR varies from person to person. Therefore, when choosing business PRgiftWhen doing so, enterprises should consider the material living standards and cultural level of the recipients and choose business public relations in a targeted When material life is relatively poor, people tend to choose practical, such as food, fruit, clothing, cash, etc.; when living standards are high, people tend to choose items with high artistic appreciation value, strong interest and ideological

avoidance principle

Due to differences in nationalities, living habits, life experiences, religious beliefs, personalities, and hobbies, different people have different opinions on the same business public relationsgiftTheir attitudes are different, whether they like, dislike, dislike, etc. Therefore, when choosing business public relationsgiftWhen receiving gifts, enterprises should pay attention to the principle of catering to their preferences and avoiding their taboos, and try to choose the ones that are suitable for the

Businesses are giving giftsbusiness giftWhen doing so, basic principles such as the principle of importance, the principle of timing, the principle of effectiveness and the principle of avoidance should be followed. At the same time, we must also pay attention togiftpackaging, added value, quantity and quality balance, andgiftThe gifting method and follow-up and care. Only in this way can companies pass giftsbusiness gift, enhance corporate reputation, promote corporate brand, enhance corporate image, and strengthen communication and contact with customers, partners and employees.

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