Three points to note when wholesale business gifts

oneIf the quality is difficult to control, we will not send it. likeoneIt is best not to use products that are fragile and easily deformed. Because it was distributed at the meetinggiftThere are large numbers and many people with many hands, so it is inevitable that there will beoneSome falling and bumping phenomena, if we choose porcelain, etc.onekindgift, the outer packaging may be intact, but by the time attendees open it, the inside is unrecognizable. This is definitely not what the gift giver wants to see.

Second, don’t give away items with a low sense of value. If given to guestsgift, which makes people feel that they are street goods with rough quality and cheap price. This kind ofgiftNot only does it fail to achieve the original intention of the conference organizer, it may even make the participants feel uncomfortable and feel that they have been neglected.

First of all, do not send items that are large and heavy. Like an elephanthousehold products,longcup and kitchen, bedding, health care, etc., are not suitable for use at meetings.giftissued. This type of product is large in size, inconvenient to carry, and relatively heavy in weight.giftBecome a guest at the conference"Burden", it is more appropriate for such products to be distributed as company welfare products.

The third is to understandbusiness giftAfter the overall characteristics of the business conference supplies, how should the purchasing manager choose conference supplies?giftWoolen cloth?Based on our product promotion experience over the past few years, we summarized the conferencegiftA few things to note.

business giftIt often lies in conveying and demonstrating one's own brand image through high-profile communication activities such as high-end conference forums. thereforegiftThe specifications themselves can fully reflect the sponsor's or donor's respect for the recipient.The importance of the donee also reflects the status of the donee in the mind of the giver. However, since the donee in most trade conferences is often a distinguished guest, a gentleman or a famous media person, in this link,giftThe promotion, promotion and value release of one's own brand image are particularly crucial.

Usually the participants in high-end business conferences are those withonePeople with a certain level of status also exist hereoneA very interesting 80/20 rule is that people who frequently attend high-end economic meetings usually only have very refined ideas.oneA small group of people are also social elites. In layman's terms, in a trade conference setting, different forms of information provided by different suppliersgiftHowever, it is often issued to the systemoneSector minorities. Often such people themselves aregiftThe taste will be more particular, forgiftThe demands are also more precise, which is worthy of our attention.giftSuppliers should study carefully.

business giftUsually they are relatively high-end. If we talk about corporate welfaregiftShampoo, soap, and promotions can be distributedgiftYou can give out ballpoint pens, shopping bags, and family tiesgiftSnacks and drinks can be delivered;Sobusiness giftIf the above-mentionedgiftIt's doomed. becausebusiness giftBoth in terms of value and tone, they tend to be high-end, too mid- to low-end, or too close to the people.giftis not feasible.

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