Business gifts enhance the brand

business giftAdding icing on the cake to corporate brand image, goodbusiness giftNot only the representative of the brand image has more potential gift, as long as it is used properly, it can pave the way for your career and work. Chinese people are always afraid of owing others a favor, no matter how small it, the person receiving the gift will always feel that if you receive benefits for no reason, you should give something in return at least. Even if you just listen to more marketers talking about his products, you have to be gentle and patient, and this little bit of patience is given to others. ——"You" a chance.

business giftGiving and receiving is not that simple, and it is not so easy to handle. Now that you know the method, it’s time to make a choice.

Gifts should be exquisite but not expensive. In foreign countries, many people use smallgiftIt is also very common to connect with the emotions between customers and use media to deepen their impressions.giftHere are some tips on business gift giving for your reference.

Exquisite gifts can enhance the company's image; on the contrary, those that are not exquisite enoughgift, not only cannot give customers the feeling of "receiving gifts and benefits", but it is often counterproductive. For example, at an exhibition, two insurance partners attracted crowds with gifts. One insurance partner gave away an ordinary plastic coffee cup, while the other prepared a magnetic coffee cup with fine craftsmanship and elegant shape. It was also a gift, but the previous salesperson made a "stingy" comment.

It is best for gifts to complement the products being sold, so that the recipients can benefit from them and the givers can also achieve the purpose of connecting with emotions and strengthening the impression of the products. For those who have already purchased, the doubts about whether they bought the wrong product can be eliminated. For example, if you buy a house, you will get a high-grade carved copper door buckle, if you buy a car, you will get a fender, and if you subscribe to a full-year magazine, you will get a beautiful book series. In addition to bargaining, these gifts are given out "reluctantly". To put it bluntly, the wool comes from the sheep, and the selling price has not changed, but the recipients feel that they have taken a big advantage. Therefore, whether the things given away can assist the marketing of the product is a big question.

In addition, the timing of sending is often overlooked. The end of the year is a good time to give gifts, but have you ever thought about how your life will be affected if the recipient of the gift is the recipient of gifts?giftWill others pay special attention? One marketer deliberately avoided the peak season for gift-giving and chose to give gifts in March. Although the items were not valuable, the exquisite design still left a deep impression on customers.

Turn ordinary things into surprises. A common mistake that givers make is that they only consider whether the gift is practical? Are the costs too high? But a gift that does not arouse the recipient's interest will be reduced to my fate, useless to keep and a pity to throw away. When designing a gift, you should first jump out of the subjective position of the giver and carefully consider how the recipient will feel. When you find that the thing you are going to give away is ordinary, and if you want to prevent it from joining the garbage, you have to start with the packaging.

However, don’t think that expensivegiftIn order to achieve the functions of attracting customers and deepening impressions;business giftThe key is whether it is delivered to the recipient. For example: a handwritten card feels more sincere than a printed card; and in a hot exhibition venue, a bottle of thirst-quenching drink will be more thoughtful than a marble paperweight.

All in all, the emphasis on gifts should be on etiquette and affection. When you are doing small transactions, you give away gold pens, gold watches, etc. to customers in a big waygift, the recipient will inevitably have doubts like "the wool comes from the sheep" or "you are bribing me". Keep in mind "You are very important to us, we hope you will remember me" as the starting point, so that you can decide what to send and how to send it. As long as your heart hits your heart, customers will eventually treat your services and products differently. remember! "No reward for no merit" is always one of the weaknesses of human nature.

SmallgiftFrom a university perspective, there is no big difference in business gift-giving itself.giftThink the difference should be in when, where and how to usebusiness gift. It is essential to see off foreign guests and customers.

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