Group clothing customization skills

Nowadays, more and more companies are beginning to customize group clothing, which not only allows the company to better promote its image, but also facilitates efficient communication among employees. Judging from customer tracking in recent years, group clothing has been customized. Customers are optimistic about the development performance of the company. So what skills do companies that are about to customize group clothing need to master?

Unify style and color

This is the most widely used form of group customization. Printing the same pattern and logo on group clothing can also play a certain role in promoting the overall image of the company. The most important thing is that it can effectively reduce the cost of clothing customization.

Same style, different patterns

This form of group clothing customization is very popular among young people. They prefer dynamic companies and pursue individual expression. Therefore, when it comes to team clothing customization, they will not choose the same group clothing, but choose group clothing with the same style but different patterns for each person. This form of group clothing customization is relatively expensive and is suitable for a larger number of people. There are few high-end enterprises.

Same style, different colors

This form of group customization is more suitable for the group clothing needs of large enterprises. Different colors can better distinguish different departments or positions. At the same time, this form of group customization only has different colors of clothes. Generally speaking, the price will not be much different from ordinary customization. However, when choosing the color of clothes, you need to consider the color of the company logo itself to avoid the logo being unclear. Phenomenon.

These three methods of group clothing customization can meet the requirements of most enterprises. Formal enterprises and institutions can choose the first, while younger enterprises or personalized enterprises can choose the second, and those who are at the forefront of fashion or are Niche industries can choose the third option. IGPEX specializes in providing team clothing customization services for various corporate groups. We look forward to your consultation.

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