Print pattern trends for team apparel customization

Customized team clothing has gradually become popular among young and fashionable groups and has become the symbol of a group. It is also a great inspiration for the development of corporate culture. Internet companies have also begun to customize their own corporate clothing; group outings, team building, activities, etc. will also customize their own group clothing. When customizing team clothing, the patterns printed on the clothing bring more possibilities and interest to our clothing. Most of these patterns are inspired by natural creatures, mountains and rivers, various flowers, animal patterns, etc., which can not only enrich the shape, but also highlight the personality. The styles are rich and suitable for all ages, so you can create any style you want. So to sum up, what are the current pattern trends?

1. Customized pattern for team clothing—elegant flowers

From ancient times to the present, in the writings of literati, beautiful women are often compared to flowers, or flowers are used to set off the beauty, such as Wang Changling's "Autumn Resentment in the West Palace": "The hibiscus is not as beautiful as the beauty, and the wind in the water palace brings the fragrance of pearls and green flowers." ". The flowers are abstracted into patterns and printed on the team's clothing and worn on the body. The delicate flowers are used to set off the graceful figure of the woman. The beautiful little flowers blooming, simple and elegant, like the spring breeze, the clear spring in summer, and the warm sunshine in autumn, penetrate deeply into the heart. They are extremely luxurious and high-end, giving people a beautiful visual feast.

2. Customized patterns for team clothing—landscape printing

The beautiful scenery is abstracted into a painting and printed on the team clothing through flocking. It is novel, interesting and extremely charming. Wearing such clothes full of life, you can intuitively feel their charm. Wearing the aura-filled scenery on your body will make your whole heart feel warm.

There are simple and complex colors. When matching the colors of landscape cultural shirts, just match them with solid colors. If you want to keep it within a safe range and be more prudent, you can choose achromatic or other light colors for these basic items.

3. Customized patterns for team clothing—mountain and wild ethnic style

Combining mountain and wild tones with ethnic prints, such as the previously popular paisley print, is a great way to show off your personality. Using warm brown, vibrant light green, and flaming dead orange, these beautiful natural colors complement the ethnic prints.

Finally, there is the leopard print pattern. Leopard print is still a hot element this year. The leopard print is spliced into the partial design of the team's clothing, which is elegant and shows individuality. The simpler the combination of leopard print pictures is, the easier it is to control it, because leopard print is complicated and eye-catching enough, and it only needs to be paired with simple basic items. You can also use other accessories as embellishments, such as scarves, earrings, bracelets...

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