Tips for giving gifts in business interactions

give awaybusiness giftNot just a skill, but an art. There are certain rules for giving gifts. Whether at home or abroad, there are certain rules about what to give, who to give it to and how to give it. Don't give gifts randomly and blindly, otherwise it may be counterproductive and cause unnecessary trouble.

give awaybusiness giftWhat are the techniques?

Understand customs and taboos

Before giving a gift, it is very important to understand the identity, preferences and cultural customs of the recipient to avoid unnecessary trouble. When giving gifts, you must be thoughtful to avoid surprises on important holidays or occasions. Different cultures have their own gift-giving traditions, and somegiftIt may be inappropriate in some cultures and may even be considered unlucky or offensive. Therefore, it is necessary to understand the cultural background of the recipient or consult someone familiar with the local culture to ensuregiftBe polite and respectful.

Frequency of gift giving is suitable

The timing and frequency of giving gifts are also very particular. It is not appropriate to give gifts too frequently or for too long. Some gift-givers may have a lot of money or are in need of help, so they will frequently give Some people think that doing so is generous and will surely win the favor of others. But if you think about it carefully, it's actually not the case. Frequent gift giving will make people feel that the gift giver is too purposeful, and if the gift is reciprocated, the recipient must reciprocate the gift. Therefore, we should choose important festivals, festive occasions or special moments such as birthdays to give gifts. This will not appear abrupt and false, and the recipient can accept it with peace of mind, thus killing two birds with one stone.

giftAppropriate weight

usually,giftIf it is too light, it does not mean much, and it is easy for people to feel slighted, especially for people who are not close to each other, and it is more likely to cause misunderstandings. Furthermore, ifgiftIf you are too young and want to ask the other party for help, the possibility of success is very small. but,giftIt’s too expensive, and it won’t be acceptedgiftPeople who are suspected of taking bribes should be especially careful with their superiors or colleagues. Except for some people who are willing to take advantage, most people are likely to decline politely, or even accept, I will also pay, otherwise I will definitely try to return the gift in the future. Doing so may force the other party to consume and cause unnecessary trouble. If the other party refuses to acceptgift, your money will be wasted, which will bring a lot of troubles, just like the saying goes: spend money to find suffering. Therefore, we should assume that the other party can accept it happilygiftAs a standard, choose the appropriate severitygift, try to spend less and do more; spend more to do good, so as to achieve the best results.

giftmust have meaning

giftIt is a carrier of expressing friendship. Whether the purpose of gift-giving is to repay, ask for help or connect feelings, it represents the special intention of the gift-giver. Therefore, when choosinggift, it must be ensuredgiftIn line with your own wishes, and at the same time, let the recipient feelgiftprecious and special. the bestgiftIt should be selected based on the interests and hobbies of the recipient, with profound meaning, elegant taste, and excellent quality without being

Therefore, when choosinggiftWhen doing so, many factors need to be considered, such asgiftIdeological, artistic, interesting and commemorative, etc. To be original, letgiftThe value and significance of it are best reflected.

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