How to choose water bottles in summer?

Summer is the season of sweating, and the water stored in the body is easily lost, so replenishing water in summer is a very important thing. Drinking water is the most direct way to replenish water, so intravel outdooroutdoor, the consumption of water bottles is the fastest! Many companies will choose customized water bottles as gifts or smallgift, not only received good reviews, but also increased sales!

In autumn and winter,cup and kitchenIt is a hot product, but it is different in summer. When it comes to choosing in summer, people may prefer plastic water bottles or glass water bottles, so that you don’t have to worry about being too hot when replenishing water. At the same time, glass water bottles or plastic water bottles Even hot water can quickly turn into normal temperature water, which is also helpful for cooling down!

What I recommend to you today is the straw bottle. Since its launch, the straw bottle has been widely praised, and the number of customer customizations has also increased significantly. It is very popular not only for use in business but also in daily life. The straw bottle can The material I chose is Tritan. This material is mainly used by maternal and infant brands. It is a relatively safe and stable plastic material, and it is also relatively lightweight.

At the same time, drinking water from a straw bottle is more convenient and elegant. Especially friends who wear lip makeup will prefer to use a straw bottle. And now for the convenience of carrying, there are generally portable designs, so it is very convenient to take it out. Currently, enterprises choosegiftIf you want to customize, you can choose straw bottles, which are smallgiftThe perfect gift choice!

In choosinggiftThe above IGP has many years of experience. Not only can it provide a variety of specialty products to choose from, but the quality and price are also very cost-effective. If you choose customized services, you don’t need to worry about whether the delivery date is on time or whether the quality is acceptable. Yes many largecorporate giftsThe first choice for customization! If you want to customize straw bottles, then we will be your best choice! At the same time, straw bottles can also be customized with the company's LOGO, corporate culture, etc. This is a major reason why many companies choose to customize!

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