How to use gift marketing to increase corporate visibility (Part 1)

giftMarketing is a marketing method that conforms to China's unique cultural framework. Gifts and the behavior of giving gifts to each other have become a social norm, but behind all actions, there is rationality as support."gift"Marketing" can be promoted, and its effect is self-evident.

giftAs a social concept, gift-giving, as a social behavior, widely exists between individuals and organizations in Eastern and Western social and cultural backgrounds.giftInteraction is a basic pattern that has existed in human society since ancient times and will continue to exist for a long time. More and more merchants and brands pay attention togiftMarketing is based on the development needs of domestic culture, andgiftThe long-term existence of the market, combined with reasonable marketing methods, has become the hottest marketing method nowadays.

From a marketing perspective,giftThe market behavior of China is originally the separation of buyers and users. From the actual situation,giftOften transferred from one user to a stranger who the buyer has never met, and transformed into the first acceptancegiftThe user’s sense of superiority or convenience in circulation.

giftMarketing There are many advantages to carrying out brand marketing. How should it be carried out?giftWhat about marketing?

For brand communication, the three core issues to be solved are: what does the brand want to express to consumers, how does the brand convey its expression to consumers, and what method can be used to make consumers better accept the expression. usegiftThe same goes for brand communication. Generally speaking, it can be carried out according to the following steps:

1, Establish the message that the brand wants to convey to consumers. Through effective comprehensive analysis of product brands or corporate brands combined with the consumer market, corporate culture, industry conditions, etc., we can extract the core keywords that the brand wants to convey to consumers.

2, combined with the extracted information keywords, to conceive the information throughgift, promotional items to deliver expressions. For example, to convey a strong and reliable message about a brand, it is necessary to use materials with a sense of strength such as cool-toned hardwood and metal.giftto pass.

3. Analyze the related products to be used to spread the brand, analyze the consumption habits and characteristics of the consumer groups they target, and analyze the reasons why the products are close to each other.giftattributes and consumersgiftrequirement attributes. For example, if a household appliance is to be targeted at high-end people, then it must be matched withgift, Promotional products should be close to home, and it is best to be electronic products. At the same time, this productgiftIt should also be suitable for high-end peoplegiftDemand characteristics, such as cultural nature and high sense of value.

4,SuregiftMarketing method, OKgiftMarketing activity content; determinegift, the time, method and place of distribution of promotional items.

5, based on the preliminary results of the previous analysisgiftProcurement orgiftdevelopment.

After the company has established the message conveyed by the brand, it usesgift, promotional products are used as brand communication media to transmit information. In order to better carry out brand communication, you also need to pay attention to the following issues:

1,giftGifts are just an extension of products and brands, don’t focus on customers; to put it simply, brands and products are red, promotional items are green leaves that set off the red flowers. generallygift, Promotional items are accessories that match products and are extensions of the brand. Don’t go too far beyond the visual and connotative information that the brand and product itself want to convey to consumers. This can confuse consumers and even obscure the information that should be conveyed to them.

2,giftGifts should be related to the brand and product; do not expose consumers to a lot of complicated information. Home products are not closely related to the brand and product, which not only fails to achieve the brand communication effect, but may also cause misunderstandings among consumers.

3,giftGifts must be expressive or persuasive and can fully and accurately display the brand concept; good products can speak for themselves, and good products can speak for themselves.giftSo will. A beautiful and attractivegiftIt can make consumers eager to own and experience it. If thisgiftThen fully integrate it with the brand and product concept, which will allow consumers to understand thegiftThe experience deepens the understanding of the brand and product concepts.

4,giftGifts must be able to be recognized by target consumers and favored by potential consumers; this is an important basis for brand communication. existgiftThe development and selection of promotional products must take into account the needs of potential consumers. Many potential consumers have become consumers of the product, just from getting an exquisite product.giftstarted.

5,giftGifts should be as differentiated and unique as the brand; brand communication is not just aboutgiftBrand printed on1TP 3T98logoThat's it,giftIt also has certain differences and uniqueness. For example, a few years ago, the promotional products of China Unicom and China Mobile were very similar, so it was difficult to achieve good brand communication effects. The best way is to create new intellectual property rights based on brand characteristicsgiftdevelopment. At present, many large enterprises have begun to require the development of brand-specific products for

At present, marketing planners of many companies say that advertising and marketing are difficult to do. The main problem is that consumers see too many advertisements every day. Everyone thinks they are good, but there are too many advertisements to be stale.

1, The audience is highly targeted and the information dissemination is accurate. Although the breadth of communication cannot achieve the effect of advertising and marketing,giftMarketing has its own unique advantages in communication accuracy and, Promotional products can go directly to the sales channel terminal. For example, in a specialty store with the same category of products, usegiftTo carry out brand communication with promotional products, the pertinence and accuracy must be higher than the advertising effect.

2,giftMarketing spreads the brand more vividly.giftMarketing changes the communication method of advertising and preaching to the communication method of experiential interaction. The seller receivesgiftFinally, we can experience the brand information that the company wants to convey through experience.

3,giftMarketing has a more lasting effect on brand communication. No matter what form it is, the impression of advertising in consumers' minds can only last for a period of time, and after that time, advertising must be placed again. but a good thinggiftBut it may stay with consumers for a long time, and at the same time, when consumers usegiftevery time, the brand message is deepened again and again.

4,gift, Promotional products are three-dimensional in spreading brand, Promotional products can deliver brand information to consumers in a three-dimensional way, which is beyond the reach of other marketing methods. Consumers perceive the world and receive information through vision, hearing, smell, taste, smell, thinking, etc. In conventional marketing activities, consumers can only experience brand information through the use of products and their own vision and hearing. but throughgiftMarketing, consumers can use more ways to feel the information conveyed by the brand. For example, we give consumers car perfume with our products, which allows consumers to smell the fragrant fragrance of the brand. We send bamboo fiberhousehold productsGive consumers a silky and smooth feeling about the brand through touch.

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