How to choose the most suitable merchant from samples

Nowadays, everyone will choose customized team uniforms for team activities. Regardless of the size of the event, uniform clothing can convey a spiritual outlook to people, so everyone likes to customize team clothing for activities. Customized clothing actually also requires a lot of knowledge. Before unified customization , we can find the manufacturer to get samples, so how can we tell from the samples whether this manufacturer is suitable?

From the clarity of the pattern. Fine printing is of high quality, while low-quality printing will result in fuzzy patterns and rough edges. The clothing customization industry has very high requirements for printing technology, and the contradiction that has always existed in the industry is that mature technology has very high requirements for minimum order quantities, and small batch customization technology has average effects. However, IGP’s many years of process innovation can make the printing level of small batch customization comparable to that of first-line brand garments. Without technological innovation and exploration of technology, it would never be possible to reach this step!

Dyes from clothes, dyes that are soluble in water, are not healthy dyes. Really high-quality dyes are insoluble in water, which has nothing to do with whether they are easy to fade. Because there is a substance in inferior dyes called pbbs, which is one of the six strictly controlled substances by the United Nations. Although the content of inferior dyes is not very high, wearing it next to the body can still be harmful to the body.

In terms of the color fastness of the pattern, it is not a good process to have the pattern fall off or become damaged after just one wash. Whether the pattern is easy to fall off is related to the machine equipment. Specifically, it is related to the pressure, temperature and the uniformity of pressure and temperature that the machine can provide. In particular, the symmetry type has a great influence on this point, and a sophisticated printing machine costs hundreds of thousands, but the worst one only costs more than a thousand yuan, and it can even be ironed with an iron.

From the quality of the clothes, the shape of the clothes does not lie in the pattern. If you compare a few pieces of clothing, you can see that clothes under 30 yuan basically have no pattern design and are all traditional old men's shirts. About 10% merchants with more than 30 yuan will revise the layout every two or three years. Only through scientific correction and scientific setting of support points can we avoid bloat and deformation.

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