How to choose formaldehyde-free children’s team apparel

Team clothing has become standard equipment in various activities. As long as team activities are held, it seems that team clothing must be customized. However, everyone is familiar with the gas formaldehyde, so when customizing team clothing for children, everyone Everyone will pay special attention and care. Today, we will discuss with you how to choose customized children’s team clothing and avoid choosing team clothing that contains formaldehyde.

Before talking about how to choose a baby's casual sportswear that does not contain formaldehyde, let's first take a look at how harmful formaldehyde is to babies. I believe that for formaldehyde gas, many newly renovated rooms will contain a large amount of formaldehyde. In addition to formaldehyde that occurs naturally in the human body and the environment, formaldehyde is also used for commercial purposes. Formaldehyde is a highly effective preservative and disinfectant and is found in many different types of products, such as auto parts, plastics, plywood, carpets, textiles, paper products, cleaning products, paints and cosmetics. We already have so much formaldehyde around us, it would be terrible if it was also found on close-fitting team apparel.

Inhaling formaldehyde can irritate the eyes, nose, throat and lungs and may cause asthma. The U.S. government has now officially designated formaldehyde as a carcinogen. Studies in animals, as well as in people who are regularly exposed to formaldehyde at work, have shown that long-term exposure to large amounts of formaldehyde can cause cancer. Children's immune systems are not fully developed and their resistance is extremely poor. Therefore, mothers should take good care of them and try to choose some team clothing that does not contain formaldehyde or has a relatively low content.

So, how do you choose a formaldehyde-free children’s team apparel? We must first smell and smell whether there is any pungent smell on the clothes, especially some clothes that still have a faint pungent smell after being washed. Mothers should definitely not buy them, no matter how cheap they are! The second thing is to look and see if there are many patterns on the clothes. Many mothers like to buy clothes with many patterns printed on them in order to make their babies more cute. This is very wrong, because most of the prints may contain "Toxic", don't choose too bright colors, because a lot of dyes are used. We try to choose some pure cotton, solid colors, and baby clothes with lighter colors. Finally, even after you buy it, you should try to eliminate formaldehyde as much as possible. The clothes you bought must be washed first, dried and placed indoors in a ventilated place for a period of time, so that the formaldehyde on the clothes can be removed as much as possible.

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