How to create a gift marketing campaign for the holidays

festivalgiftPromotion is a special time periodgiftMarketing activities are special activities that are different from conventional marketing. They are characterized by concentration, suddenness, abnormality and scale, which make the festival special.giftMarketing activities must be planned, implemented, controlled, evaluated, refined, and improved to accomplish or exceed expected goals.

a festivalgiftIt’s difficult to include all aspects of a marketing campaign, so festivalsgiftMarketing must be targeted, prioritize and focus on terminal channels. By stimulating the two terminals of retailers and consumers, a straight line is formed to promote the spread of the entire sales surface.

Retail businesses include supermarkets, warehouses, department stores, shopping malls, hypermarkets, and electronic cities. The main goal of terminal marketing activities is to pass a series ofgiftPromotional activities are used to increase the retailer's product inventory, increase the on-the-counter rate, and achieve superiority and vividness at the point of sale, effectively cooperating with manufacturers' holiday promotion activities.

Targeted at consumersgiftmarketing activities, it is necessary to analyze consumers’ perceptions ofgiftInclination degree, holiday consumption behavior, ongiftAcceptance of promotional methods, similar competitivegift, price, channel market attitude, the final decision is to pass the newgiftLaunch to add new consumers? Yes viagiftPromotional means to consolidate existing consumers? Or attract users of competitive brands through 4P means?

festivalgiftMarketing activities must have quantitative indicators to achieve the purposes of planning, assessment, and control. Quantitative indicators usually include sales, market share, gross profit margin, comparison date, growth rate, repeat purchase rate, promotional advertisinggiftarrival rate, etc.

At the same time, selectgiftThe choice of marketing communication tools is important. During the festival, market competition is fierce and market demand is strong, making the festivalgiftMarketing activities not only require the company itself to quickly launch marketable productsgift, set attractive prices, make it easy for target customers to obtain the products they need, and also require companies to take the opportunity during the festival to strengthen or reshape their new image in the market, design and spread novel and unique appearances, features, and purchase conditions andgift, bring information about benefits and temptations to target consumers, and conduct communication and communication based on the cultural background, income, and regional culture of different consumers.giftPromotional activities, and use these tools or activities to fully disclose and display this information during special periods (holidays) and special places to form extraordinary scale consumption. These marketing communication tools include advertisinggiftSales promotion, pitch mix and optimization.

For example, in order to consolidate the market for mature products, small gifts can be used in holiday, chain lottery prizesgiftand other methods; in order to launch new products, use promotiongift, free trial, free with purchasegift, mail product catalogs, quotations, etc.; at the same time, you can also create public relations events and use certain news to promotegiftPromotional events to promote products or companies. Make some themed adsgiftPublicity, from colors and titles to plans and activities, can highlight the festive atmosphere and create holiday business opportunities.

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