How to choose customized team uniforms for schools

In recent years, whether it is campus activities or team-organized activities, team clothing has become an indispensable part. In addition to showing the spirit of a team, team clothing can also be a mobile advertisement. A branch that is not only a piece of art, a souvenir, but also a great example of the positivity between the team. Today, let’s discuss how to choose team clothing during campus activities and what aspects need to be paid attention to.

Every new school year, whether it is a club or a class, there will be customized promotional team clothing. However, there are always many issues to consider before customizing, such as artwork, customization platform, and worries about whether the customized pattern will fade, etc.

First of all, what should I do if there is no design draft when the school publicity team’s clothing is customized? Don’t worry about this problem. The imagination and creativity of college students are unlimited. The simplest thing is to print a logo, and some will also print a text with the cultural spirit of the community on the back.

Is it reliable to choose a customized platform? In fact, customization through Taobao is not recommended, because most of the customization-related stores on Taobao fake sales through fake orders. Finding a customization merchant with a real reputation is like finding a needle in a haystack.

IGP customization can meet the needs of some companies to sign contracts. Taobao cannot sign contracts, and IGP has cooperated with many well-known companies. These cases are all real and can withstand testing.

How to choose from so many types of customized clothes is actually very simple. First, think about what season the customized team clothes are suitable for, and then consider the functionality of the bottom shirt, so that you will have a clue when choosing!

Will the customized pattern fall off easily? We attach great importance to customer experience, so the raw materials and machines used in the printing process are all imported products, and the standard of the printing process is twice that of the normal printing process, so that the high-standard printing process can make the pattern It's not just simply bright, but also more delicate and smooth.

IGP has cooperated with 50,000+ companies and can meet your creative designs. The printing process also includes screen printing, direct printing, heat transfer and embroidery. You can choose it by yourself, or you can customize it according to the drawing. If you want to know more about customization, you can consult our official website customer service, and we will patiently answer your questions.

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