The significance of customized team clothing to corporate culture

Many employees sneer at the idea that a piece of team clothing can improve the identity of the corporate culture. However, every good company attaches great importance to corporate culture, and customized team clothing is a very important means. Many companies or customizers may not pay much attention to team clothing, but let's listen to IGPEX's suggestions today, and it may change your mind.

Some companies conduct satisfaction surveys every year. Corporate culture is the most core part and gets the highest score in all surveys. All employees and management cadres of the company have a very high sense of identification with corporate culture. This is because the company attaches great importance to it. Due to cultural construction, some start-up companies or some secondary start-up companies introduce a large amount of fresh blood, which inevitably brings about corporate culture problems. If you want to solve these problems, the customization of cultural shirts can indeed bring solutions.

For example, Tencent began to upgrade its corporate culture in 2005. In order to enable employees to keep the company's values in mind, they chose to customize team clothing. This has also become the source of Tencent's cultural tradition of "same clothes, one heart". What enters the hearts of Tencent employees through this team costume is not just a simple "slogan", but the story behind the team costume, which is the memory of every ordinary Tencent person, whether it is the cartoon worn by the interviewer during the interview. Patterned team clothing is also the "battle uniform" for successful blind dates. In short, this team clothing has been integrated into the life of every Tencent person and has become a sentiment.

Just like daily souvenirs, customizing team clothing every year can show the importance of corporate culture and the connotation of corporate culture. Therefore, a small team uniform shirt also plays a vital role in corporate culture. role.

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