What details shouldn’t be overlooked when customizing work team apparel?

Nowadays, work team clothing has become a team clothing used by enterprises, companies, and factories to establish their image and show a unified beauty, because it can leave a good impression on people and improve the image of enterprises, companies, and factories. However, there are many issues that need to be paid attention to in the process of customizing work clothes, especially some details. So what issues should we pay attention to during the customization process? Let’s discuss it today.

When customizing work team clothing, size is a detail that cannot be ignored. Appropriate and accurate sizes can ensure that every employee is comfortable. The dimensions to be provided include clothing length, sleeve length, pants length, shoulder width, chest circumference, waist circumference, hip circumference and other data.

Not everyone understands sewing technology, but one of the simplest ways to identify sewing is to look at the tensile strength of the sewing thread, seam strength, wash fastness, appearance and fit with the fabric, etc. Moreover, the most important quality requirement for sewing is the post-sewing effect. Therefore, when customizing work clothes, the work team's clothing must not be broken, skipped, or wrinkled.

Tailoring is also a very important link in production. Tailoring is a detail that cannot be ignored when customizing clothing for work teams, because for a piece of work clothes, the quality of the cut determines the fit of the employees. Therefore, the work team's clothing customization requires accurate cutting, firm sewing, no skipped stitches, missed stitches and off-threads, complete specifications and sizes, smooth ironing and shaping, and exquisite and good packaging.

In work team clothing, the choice of color determines the texture of the work clothes. When customizing work team clothing, the choice of color cannot be ignored. Because the combination of reasonable color and design can give people a good visual effect and create a pleasant psychology. Of course, the color selection should be as solid as a single color with matching colors, otherwise it will appear messy and unfavorable to the image of the enterprise.

When customizing work team clothing, fabric selection is the most important detail that cannot be ignored. Because fabric is the most basic material in work team clothing customization, and its selection directly affects the quality of work team clothing. Therefore, when we choose custom fabrics for work team clothing, we need to make choices based on its industry characteristics, occupational characteristics, working environment, and seasons.

When customizing clothing for a work team, in addition to paying attention to size, sewing, cutting, color, fabric, etc., aspects such as style, accessories, and embroidery are also more important.

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