How to make advertising gifts to make customers remember you?

advertising typegiftIt’s a very common promotiongift, this is a marketing strategy commonly used by merchants.

For example, we often see banks, insurance and other companies giving customers desk calendars and wall calendars with company advertisements and contact information printed on them, or we see some hospitals on the street giving out lighters and fans with hospital addresses and contact information printed on them. some type of.

I have to say, the advertising typegiftThis kind of marketing strategy is much more effective than sending out leaflets in the past. The flyers are basically picked up and thrown away. Even if I want to go next time, I can't find the contact information. Only a few friends in need will stay. And advertising typegiftIt’s different, because it’s useful to them, so most people will stay and survive longer. Even if there is no need today, you may need it after a while. At this time, these advertising-type promotionsgift, then it can be used to guide customers to the store for consumption.

Precisely because of the advertising typegiftThe effect is better, so more and more businesses prefer to use this method of promotion instead of the traditional leaflet method.

Well, everyone knows that advertising promotionsgiftThe marketing strategy is good, but not everyone knows how to design such a promotiongift. Today, I will talk about advertising promotiongiftHow it works.

The first thing to explain is that this is done when you already have a certain publicity budget, which is equivalent to using the publicity budget to purchase advertising-type, instead of investing extra money because you don’t have a publicity budget.

one,How to find the one that suits yougift

Promotionalgift, the purpose is to hope that others can keep it, so we must find items that are useful to people, so that people can keep them.

We can look for inspiration from the following 3 occasions:

1,Workplace:Business office, pens, notebooks, file holders, mouse pads, desk calendars, sticky notes, business card holders, etc.;

2,Life occasions: cups, bowls, tissue boxes, calendars, poker cards, bottled water, ornaments, playing cards, fans, lighters, etc.;

3.Learning environment: paper, pen,Business office, rulers, school bags, pencil cases, books, etc.

In the above three occasions, there are actually many items for us to choose from. You can understand it this way: if you see anything useful around you, you can place an advertisement on it as a promotion.giftSend it to your target customers.

Of course, if you want to promotegiftis powerful, you have to find the right person and give the right thing. For example, if your target customers are women, if you give them a lighter, the effect will definitely be greatly reduced.

two,How to design an ad

The most common advertisement now is to write the company's name, address and contact information.

This method is not difficult to use, but the effect is not very good. We can imagine that if we see the name of a company, we may not even know what the company does. Is it possible to have any impression of the company?

The answer is definitely no!

Therefore, when we design advertisements, it is best to design an attractive copy based on your product so that your customers will be deeply impressed after reading it. How to write it specifically varies in different industries, but the process is nothing more than “attracting attention—>Stimulate interest->establish trust->Promote transactions."

If you can't write it yourself, you can hire someone to do it for you. There are many professional copywriting masters on the almighty Taobao and Witkey websites. You can just spend a little money and ask them to do the ghostwriting directly.

The effect of a good copywriting is amazing, and this investment-output ratio is definitely worth it. So if you don’t know how to do it, don’t save this money.

Some people may say, how can I put a copy on a small lighter?

Don’t worry about this. Now there is an artifact called QR code. You can post an article online and then make it into a QR code for others to scan and read. This is very simple. If not, you can message me privately and I will tell you how to do it.

three,How to distribute

PromotiongiftThe distribution is also skillful. If distributed on the street, not only will it consume a lot of manpower and material resources, but the effect will also be compromised.

We can use leverage to distribute promotionsgift.

For example, our target customers are white-collar women, and we want to send a batch of cute glassescup and kitchen. The best way is not to distribute them on the roadside where they commute to get off work, but to distribute them through properties or nearby clothing stores.

For example, tell the owner of a clothing store, do you want more customers to come to your store? It’s very simple. I have a batch of cute mugs that are sold in the market for 15 yuan. Your customers come over and spend the full amount.15Yuan, just give her a value15yuan cup. To make the effect better, you can put one up at the doorXDisplay rack, indicating that consumption is full15Yuan will give you a value15yuan cup. You see, this is a sample of a cup. Do you think this will help your business?

Generally, bosses are willing to cooperate because they can get it without paying any money.giftAttract customers to come and spend. In order to achieve better results, they will even spend their own money to build X-display stands to promote the event. It doesn't matter if they don't agree. With so many businesses around, there are always those who are willing to cooperate.

4. Precautions

1,It is necessary to plan well first, clarify the purpose of publicity, and try to only target a certain type of customer group. If you want to attract all customers, attract traffic, close deals, and make referrals, the effect will definitely not be good. It needs to be focused. The simpler and clearer the purpose, the better the effect will be.

2,giftThe selection and copywriting must be carefully crafted according to the target customers.

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