Three things to note when customizing advertising clothing

With the development, many companies have begun to pay attention to the customization of cultural shirts. In addition to the customization of team clothing, advertising shirts are also one of its branches. Advertising shirts have become quite popular in recent years. The main reason is that the publicity cost of advertising shirts is relatively high compared to other publicity methods. Low and widely publicized. Today IGPEX editor will discuss with you the precautions for customizing advertising clothing!

The choice of advertising clothing needs to be based on specific usage scenarios, such as T-shirts, POLO shirts, sweatshirts, etc. The pattern design of advertising clothing needs to be carefully designed to not only show the effect of advertising but also prevent employees from being disgusted with advertising clothing. So how should advertising clothing be designed?

When designing advertising clothing, it needs to be combined with the actual usage scenario. For example, in general brand promotion activities, advertising clothing design patterns should be mainly for brand promotion, and you can choose to print corporate logos or promotional slogans, etc. In corporate promotional activities, advertising clothing can be designed more directly, adding a large QR code above the pattern, which will help customer retention and conversion.

When determining the pattern of advertising clothing, appropriate adjustments need to be made, such as adjusting the size of the logo and text, and adjusting the distance between them. In addition, for advertising clothing for brand promotion, the pattern should not be too large to avoid causing customer disgust. For advertising activities, the pattern QR code should be as large as possible while ensuring that the pattern is complete and clear, so as to maximize the publicity effect.

The integrity and hierarchy of advertising clothing design patterns are also very important factors. The above point illustrates the importance of aesthetics for the customization of advertising shirts, and the integrity and hierarchy indicate that advertising shirt patterns need to be prioritized. Normal people The eyes are all up and down, from left to right, from large to small. Therefore, when designing advertising shirts, it is necessary to determine the theme of the pattern.

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