How much deposit do we need to pay to customize our team apparel?

In the self-employed to individual shopping model, we all pay with one hand and deliver the goods with one hand. When customizing team clothing, the manufacturer will basically charge a certain deposit before starting production. The difference between buying clothes and customizing team clothing is here. Today, Xiao Taping, please understand why manufacturers need to collect a deposit when customizing clothing?

Customized team clothing involves issues such as fabrics, styles, and accessories. If you cooperate with a long-term, reputable customer, or if you are sure that the customer is reliable, you do not need to collect a deposit, but you must pay attention to the old customer who has been working with you for many years and has a reliable reputation. Or some well-known companies with good reputation or reputation in the industry can also not pay a deposit first, but this method is generally not recommended, because once the customer does not want to make a purchase, they will have to bear the losses themselves.

In the industry of customizing team clothing, manufacturers have to collect a deposit when producing customized clothing. Basically, the customer is required to pay a certain percentage of the deposit first during the customization process. Customization is not wholesale clothing, customization is customization for one customer. Yes, the style, color, and logo are specified by the purchaser. If the purchaser unilaterally breaks the contract and no longer needs their customized clothing, the batch of clothing will be discarded by the manufacturer.

To sum up, we can understand that when customizing clothing, manufacturers must collect a deposit, which involves issues such as what fabric to use, style, etc. It is reasonable to collect a deposit, which is a binding relationship between both parties. In fact, before customizing team clothing, a deposit must be paid in advance. This is not because clothing customization manufacturers do not trust consumers! This is because when customers choose products, paying a deposit can make them more certain about the products they choose, so as to avoid unnecessary doubts and troubles!

At the same time, the deposit can also effectively constrain the manufacturer to deliver on time, and the customization time will be more accurate. The deposit is actually a bridge between the two parties, and choosing a customization company is actually very important. We need to choose some experienced factories to cooperate. If you need to customize team clothing, you can consult our customer service for consultation. We have many years of customization experience and will definitely be able to give you a satisfactory customization experience. Please consult us quickly!

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