Recommend three popular and beautiful mugs!

Many office workers will prepare onecup and kitchen, while as always usecup and kitchenMy editor, I rarely use plastic cups. When I drink water from inferior plastic cups, I always feel a plastic smell. At the same time, I have the same experience with glass cups. I have used one before and accidentally... Broken! So, I still feelcup and kitchenIt’s the most practical, and today I’d like to recommend a few that are stunningly beautiful! ! !

The first advantage of LOCK & LOCK is that it is stunningly beautiful, lightweight, durable, and available in various price ranges.cup and kitchenIt has excellent thermal insulation performance and is suitable for both boys and girls. Some people who like plastic cups will feel thatcup and kitchenXia Tian drank it and it burned his mouth.

Snoopy (SNOOPY) If you are really afraidcup and kitchenIf it’s hot on your lips, then choose this one! Actually, this doesn’t count eithercup and kitchen, the lid of the cup can be rotated, the hot and cold can be controlled automatically, and it is convenient for heat dissipation. It can hold a spoon, so you can make a cup of hot tea or coffee and it will not be hot after half an hour. It is especially suitable for students. It's white, made of stainless steel, looks good, is heat-insulating and anti-scalding, has a large capacity, and the most important thing is that it's cheap and resistant to falling, and it has a large mouth and is easy to clean.

Tupperware If you still want to use plastic cups in the end, then I recommend Tupperware. Although Tupperware cups are made of plastic, they are suitable for situations such as sports or outings that require a large amount of drinking water. Of course, they are also suitable for students. They are very convenient to bring with them to physical education classes and so on. They are also good for classroom use. Like before, my classmates always put two kinds of cups in the classroom: onecup and kitchenAnd a plastic cup, one for hot water and one for warm water. Overall, it is simple and fashionable, and has good looks. The cup has a strap, which makes it comfortable to hold and easy to carry around!

All the high-looking cups have been recommended to everyone. If you want to customize them in batches, you can find us for, not only ensures quality, but also saves time and worry. In addition to cups, we currently also undertake various types ofgiftFor customization, please contact us now!

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