Introduction to travel universal plug and its functions

The global universal plug is suitable for overseas business, study andtravel outdoorIt can be used by people who carry it with them and can be converted to local voltage. It is suitable for people who go out with a charger and use it outdoorplug. It is lightweight and exquisite in appearance, easy to carry, and has plugs available in almost every country. No matter where you go for business or tourism, a universal plug solves all your worries.

Many friends who are going abroad for the first time or planning to go abroad have never been exposed to this product and do not understand the role and function of the universal plug. Now IGP will introduce to you what a universal plug is and its function.

1. The corresponding socket plug standards in various countries around the world are different, so when you move from one country to another, the corresponding electronic products will not be charged and cannot be used after the power is exhausted. This product was created to solve this problem.

2. A product generally contains four types of plugs, and the six standards are national standard, American standard, European standard, Australian standard, British standard and German standard.

3. This universal plug can be used basically all over the world. (Special circumstances are not excluded) Note: Special circumstances are when it is used in some special environments or in some areas where local standards are used instead of international standards and cannot be used in these places. People who travel abroad generally don't go to such places, so tourists don't have to worry about not being able to use what they bought.

4. None of them have a transformer function. Some friends may know that the voltage in other countries is different from the domestic voltage, so the universal plug has a transformer function. It is a big mistake to think so. Why not make a universal plug with transformer function? First of all, there are many common voltage standards in each country, such as 110V, 220V, 230v, 240V, etc. First, generally portable and mobile products are equipped with adapters that support 100-240V voltage, so a universal plug with a transformer is redundant. Second, the voltage can only be converted from one voltage to another, which makes the product less versatile. It is very inconvenient to carry multiple plugs when traveling to multiple countries. Third, transformers are generally composed of coils, which are heavy and inconvenient to carry. Fourth, if the voltage transformer universal plug is used improperly, it will lead to improper voltage transformation and damage to electronic products. To sum up, this is the reason why the universal plug does not convert voltage.

5. None of them support high-power electrical appliances. In terms of product design, the plugs are telescopic or rotating. Generally, the corresponding connections that can be operated in this way are contact points where the plug itself and the socket are not integrated. Everyone knows that the smaller the metal contact surface, the greater the resistance and the easier it is to heat. In order to prevent the use of high-power electrical appliances from causing the product to heat up and damage the product due to excessive temperature.

6. The product supports USB jack charging. No matter whether it is a mobile phone, tablet or power bank, you will always carry the same when traveling abroad. However, their charging is all USB, which is unified, universal, and convenient to meet everyone's travel needs, so they have this design.

7. Fuse and spare fuse design. There are not many products with this design. It is useless under normal circumstances, but it can protect personal safety and protect circuits and electrical appliances under abnormal circumstances. The spare fuse design is a bright spot, and there will be no problem in normal use, but what if there is a problem with the circuit or the fuse burns out due to a short circuit in the appliance? If you can't find a suitable fuse abroad, the product will be useless. This spare fuse is especially important. Generally, if you don't go abroad for a long time, a backup insurance is basically enough. You can buy a fuse to cover the backup after you return home. It can be foolproof.

8. Universal plugs can be used with foreign plugs in China. When using foreign products in China, please pay attention to the applicable voltage of foreign products. Only electrical appliances that support 220V can be used.

9. Product socket locations are integrated by multiple standards. Products from Germany, Austria, Europe, the United States, the United Kingdom, and GB can be plugged in no matter which country you bring home.

Any electronic product needs to be tried after purchase. This universal plug can be plugged into the socket of your home to test whether the USB interface and plug can be used normally. Generally, if the test is normal at home, you can take it abroad for use.

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