How crystal gifts are made

crystalgiftFrom material selection to finished product, crystal has gone through a series of processes.giftThe production process is composed of many links. Each link is a process. Only by doing each process well can the crystal be completed.giftproduction, and finally made into crystalgift, most crystalsgiftThe production process steps mainly include material selection, cutting, blank pressing, polishing, drilling, color plating, engraving, sandblasting, assembly, packaging, etc. Customized crystalgiftThe specific requirements vary, crystalgiftThe production process is slightly different.


Material selection is the choice of production materials. The quality of the materials directly determines the crystal.giftThe quality, crystal made of high-quality K9 crystalgiftThe quality is much higher than that of ordinary crystal. High-quality crystalgiftThe brightness and transparency are very high, with few defects, and the overall appearance is more beautiful, refined and high-end.


After the crystal raw materials are selected, the crystalgiftThe next step of production involves sawing the large crystal into small pieces of suitable shape.


Make crystalgift, you need to make a mold first and make a crystal according to the production requirements.giftMold, the production of mold is also very strict, crystalgiftMold is actually equivalent to crystalgiftThe template must be fully consistent with the crystal that needs to be customized.giftThe size, shape and other requirements are crystalgiftA direct model of the finished product is cast.


The embryo pressing process is in the crystalgiftAfter the mold is made, the crystal raw material is heated to a liquid state at high temperature, poured into the mold, and die-cast into shape.

After the crystal is shaped by the mold, a high-density diamond scribing tool is used to grind the shape of the crystal into a more three-dimensional shape, and then polish it with polishing powder until it is crystal clear, bright and transparent.


crystalgiftColor plating in the production process: According to the needs, a method similar to electroplating is used to color the surface of the crystal with different colors to make the crystalgiftBecome colorful.


Engraving has the characteristics of strong three-dimensionality, fine workmanship and high technological content. Engraving can be divided into internal engraving and sandblasting. Crystal internal engraving is performed inside the crystal by laser, and sandblasting is performed inside the crystal.giftThe exterior is engraved with text patterns.


A combination of crystals, some crystalsgiftIt is composed of multiple parts. After each individual part has completed rough and fine processing, it is combined into a complete crystal through the bonding


crystalgiftThe final process of production is packaging. The packaging of the brocade box is made in crystalgiftCommonly used in customization, can be customized as needed. crystalgiftPut it into the brocade box intact and the crystal is completed.giftThe whole process of making. whole crystalgiftDuring the production process, only by doing every step well and checking every process step can we create perfect crystal handicrafts.

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