A brief discussion on corporate gift planning and development

in China,oneUntil now, when the government and the government formally met, out of mutual respect and out of courtesy, the two sides would give each other souvenirs. This behavior has becomeoneA convention.

Therefore, in business interactions, companies also follow this behavior: they will purchase, order andsystemOr use its own products asgift, given to customers, employees, used for marketing or even given as gifts to customers, etc.

The first concept that must be understood is thatcorporate giftsdifferent from individualgift, it must be an endorsement of corporate image. Companies in different industries have different corporate images. Some focus on the company's innovative image, some strive to show strong strength, but someoneOne thing they have in common is a gift from the companygiftIf it's not promoting a product or service, it must reflect the company's culture.

With the implementation of anti-corruption and clean government policies, many foreign companies, state-owned enterprises, public institutions, listed companies and other enterprises have begun tobusiness giftIt also redefines the enterprisebusiness giftrange of values. If sentgiftIf it is particularly valuable, it is suspected of being used as a bribe, and it will not pass the audit. And the things given by companies don’t just want to beoneA furnishing, it is best to have a practical purpose and have bothonedefinite meaning. In response to multiple requests and considering the limited purchase price, we have to dooneAll-inclusivegiftthat isoneA very difficult thing. For this reason, many companies are overwhelmed when purchasing, and sometimes they don’t know what to buy.

Many corporate purchasing companies also expressed that incorporate giftsthisoneIn addition to the price range,systemhas become a problem outside of China, it is more because of the marketgiftCertainlysystemEnterprise resources are scattered and uneven, making it difficult to coordinate the entire year of the enterprisegiftProposal.

Why is this happening?

on the market todaygiftCertainlysystemBusinesses are a mixed bag. sameoneHomegiftCertainlysystemIt is difficult for the company to control the resources of all products, so it can only carry out business within its own resources.system, difficult to satisfycorporate giftsDiversity requirements. For example, certainsystemThe company only has resources in the business supplies category and provides customizedsystemThe plan is only for business products.systemplan. Although some e-commerce platforms have gatheredonein large quantitiescorporate giftsCertainlysystemcompany, but after all, it is still difficult to balance and controlsystemWithin three cooperative enterprises.

How to solve thisoneWhat about the problem?

The most fundamental thing is that the purchasing staff first conducts research on the existinggiftProducts on the market that are more in line with your company’s requirements includeonea rough understanding, and the second step is to findoneThe company is formal and has relatively complete product resources.giftCertainlysystemcompany. Maybe,oneHomegiftCertainlysystemIf it is difficult for the company to meet all the product resources needed by the company, then it can look for moreoneone or two different product resourcesgiftCertainlysystemCompanies collaborate to shape the futureoneYearcorporate giftsFixed partners, thereby differentiating the company'sgiftPurposes are allocated to the correspondinggiftCertainlysystemThe company produces.

Such behavior not only reduces one's own workload and improves efficiency, but also improves the company'scorporate giftsthisoneThe modules are more complete, reducing expenses that companies can avoid spending.

corporate giftsPlanning not only requires purchasing personnel with corresponding capabilities, but also professionals with senior planning teams in the market.giftCertainlysystemcompany.

rightpresentIn terms of employee benefits, whether it is employee benefitsgift, or promotional gifts, both areconvey feelingsUse. Most purchasing customers are inoneChoose the most appropriate one under the constraints of a certain procurement budgetgiftA gift from the recipient. In this behavior, the gift is the carrier.convey feelingsIt is the ontology. Without the value expression of the ontology, the carrier will fall into formal competition and lose its sense of value.;Without the support of a carrier, it is difficult for the ontology to fully reflect the mutual promotion of the two.

Enterprises purchasing benefitsgifthave fallen into the following misunderstandings.

one, bring welfaregiftSeen as an extra to employeesgift, while ignoring the benefitsgiftThe role of emotional carrier. Enterprise usealmsandPerfunctoryAttitude to operate welfaregiftproject, whilegiftThe company follows this line of thinking when recommendinggift, as a result, the employees unceremoniously handed over thegiftOn the shelf, for welfaregiftThe impression of the company is greatly reduced. This phenomenon is both the company's fault and thegiftThe company’s negligence.

Second, we must have a deep understanding of the company’s gift background.giftThe form of donation, the different characteristics of the donation unit and the recipients will all affect it to varying degrees.giftrecommended direction.

For example: celebration benefitsgiftwith birthday benefitsgift, the former is concentrated in gifts, the scope of gifts is large, and it should be highlightedgiftcommonality;The latter is distributed and given away, and the control is controlled every time.systemexistoneWithin a certain range, it is necessary to highlightgiftpersonality characteristics.

third,giftThe company needs to strengthen its professionalism and improve its welfaregiftAccuracy and sensitivity, from the perspective of customers, recommending the most suitable benefits to them by themselves and othersgift.

corporate giftsnot justgift,ToooneIt is the embodiment of a company's corporate culture and development momentum, so don't ignore its development and planning.

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