A brief discussion on advertising gifts and their publicity role

1. AdvertisinggiftAdvertising characteristics that should be

Advertisement - simply understood from the literal meaning, it means to advertise widely, and according to the induction and summary of "Advertising Management": "Advertising" is a controllable form of non-individual communication obtained by advertisers through payment, in order to persuade. The job of promoting products, services or ideas to target markets.

Advertising has been around since the commodity economy. In ancient times, product owners wrote the name, price, performance and other information of the product on paper to attract customers. This was the earliest advertisement. With the changes of the times, the means and methods of advertising have become more and more diverse. Light boxes, newspapers, neon lights, etc. are all commonly used means of modern advertising.

advertisegiftAs a special advertising medium for businesses, we should first pay attention to the relationship between advertising, enterprises and consumers when designing, so that the advertising designed in this waygiftOnly then can it be successful, only then can it become a favorable tool for merchants to win sales, and only then can it become a medium for consumers to obtain correct information.

advertisegiftIt is a means for merchants to promote and promote their products.

advertisegiftThe primary purpose of existence is to help promote the sales of merchants’ products, and the realization of this purpose is first reflected in advertising.giftPromote and promote merchant products. advertisegiftThere are many ways to promote the publicity and promotion of commercial products. In advertising,giftWhen designing, we must first have a comprehensive and systematic understanding of the merchant's products and a deep understanding of the connotation of the products. Secondly, find the entry point that is consistent with the image of the company and its products, and integrate this entry point into the advertisement.giftGo in. Only in this way. advertisegiftonly then will the effect appear. Finally, it is realized by printing LOGO and other methods.giftIntegration with entry points.

advertisegiftIt is a means of business brand promotion and promotion

Brand is a powerful grouping tool. When consumers purchase products, they not only consider whether the function of the product can satisfy themselves, but also because they believe that the brand and brand value of the product are consistent with the design of their self-image. Brands are usually reflected by products and services. Good products can help improve the company's brand image. They can convey the company's goals, values and beliefs through themselves. More importantly, they can introduce the company to people both internally and externally. Therefore, attention to product design can be integrated into corporate culture. Products are especially important.

advertisegiftAs another special product of the company, while promoting and publicizing the company's products, it also plays a direct role in promoting the company's brand. Excellent advertisinggiftNot only can consumers be prompted to purchase corporate products in a short period of time, but as consumers continue to use advertisinggift, consumers will often notice advertisinggiftThe embodied corporate brand can help the company establish a long-term impression in the minds of consumers and play an important role in prompting consumers to purchase corporate brand products again.


advertisegiftIt is the promotion of corporate development strategies and different development themes.

For enterprises, each enterprise has its own different main development strategies and staged development themes. In order to achieve various development themes, merchants often change and innovate their products. At this time, advertisinggiftThe design must fully consider the theme of corporate development, combine the theme and use different expression methods to make the advertisementgiftMaximize the communication of information to consumers.

2. AdvertisinggiftShould reflect the customer's corporate and product image

advertisegiftRelationship with corporate image

advertisegiftIt is the carrier and medium for enterprises and enterprise products to transmit information, advertisinggiftThe success of use is related to the company's marketing strategy and product sales. a good advertisementgiftIt can have a high status in the minds of consumers, so the company's products and companies are likely to receive good evaluations from consumers. Since advertisinggiftIt is so closely related to enterprises and enterprise products, so for advertisinggiftIt is very necessary to have a comprehensive understanding of the intrinsic meaning of the enterprise.

advertisegiftCharacteristics and corporate characteristics

successful advertisinggiftYou must first establish your own characteristics. Uncharacteristic adsgift, not only cannot help the company improve and increase sales, but it will also increase the company's additional costs, and will not bring good feedback to the company in the fierce market competition. advertisegiftThe main manifestation of the characteristics is in advertisinggiftHow to please consumers, how to induce consumers, how to stimulate consumers, how to facilitate consumers. advertisegiftThe effectiveness of features is determined by consumers, but advertisinggiftCharacteristics are not established by consumers, they are an extension of corporate characteristics. Corporate Characteristics and PromotiongiftCharacteristics are interdependent and affect the enterprise from different angles. advertisegiftFeatures not only enhance the personality of corporate products in corporate product sales, on the other hand, advertisinggiftCharacteristics more intuitively reflect the overall image of the enterprise in social consumption activities.


advertisegiftImage Identity and Corporate Image

advertisegiftImage recognition is closely related to corporate image, advertisinggiftImage creation is an extension of corporate image. advertisegiftImage is the representative of corporate image. In addition to corporate products, advertisinggiftIt is also the channel through which consumers understand the company. to advertisegiftimage-based and through advertisinggiftThe establishment of image to shape the corporate image is one of the ways to shape the corporate image. At the same time, advertisinggiftThe image pays more attention to the performance ability of the company's products in the market. It uses its own good advertising togiftImage, fundamentally promote the sales of corporate products.

advertisegiftImage and corporate image building are complementary to each other. Corporate image and advertising of the companygiftThe relationship between image is like a tree. The trunk is the corporate image and the branches are advertising.giftimage. advertisegiftThe image can be unitized and multi-directional, but there is only one corporate image.

to advertisegiftImage helps establish corporate image

advertisegiftIt can make consumers know the company directly. Therefore, if a company wants to be recognized by consumers, it can increase advertisinggiftImage promotion. to advertisegiftImage To establish a corporate image, we must first establish advertisinggiftThe overall concept of advertising in the modern marketgiftThe understanding cannot just stop at the specific functions and uses. AdvertisinggiftMore attention should be paid to corporate culture and corporate product market strategies. Secondly, advertisinggiftThe quality of building advertisinggiftThe basis of a good image. Quality is advertisinggiftPhysical and chemical indicators, good quality can create a good impression in the minds of consumers, and at the same time, it can also establish a good corporate image in the minds of consumers. Third, distinctive advertisinggiftis to establish advertisinggiftImage logo. Distinctive advertisinggiftIt can clearly differentiate it from its competitors, and it can help companies defeat their opponents.


3. View advertising from the perspective of consumer psychologygiftdesign

advertisegiftThe purpose of design is to promote product sales and establish and enhance corporate image, and the starting point of design should be considered from the psychological perspective of consumers. Consumer psychology plays a decisive role in whether to pay attention to a product. The same advertisementgift, when it is placed in front of different consumers, its degree of acceptance is often completely different. Therefore in advertisinggiftAdvertising before the development ofgiftIt is particularly important to fully investigate the psychological behavior and purchasing behavior of the final consumer group. Correctly handle consumer psychology and advertisinggiftFor consumers, it can improve consumption efficiency; for operators, it can improve operating efficiency.

advertisegiftand consumer psychology

advertisegiftIf the design follows the laws of consumers' psychological activities, it will be easier for consumers to accept it. However, if these laws are not paid attention to, it may often be difficult for consumers to accept it, and it may even affect product sales. advertisegiftWhether you can successfully follow consumer psychology is mainly reflected in the following aspects:

advertisegiftWhether it can arouse consumers’ perception

Consumer perception refers to the primary stage of consumers' perceptual understanding of a certain product. It usually includes two processes. The first is the sensory process of the product. This process is the reaction process caused by the product directly acting on the consumer's senses. This process The first process is the simplest psychological process when consumers come into contact with the product. When the sensory process is over, consumers will integrate the sensory materials, and this process is the consumer's perception of the product. For example, every time McDonald's launches a new set of toys, it will always place a display area in a prominent location in each store to display its new toys. The purpose of this is to allow consumers to directly access the advertisements.giftinformation, thereby indirectly prompting consumers to purchase packages.

in advertisinggiftIn the design of advertising, it is very important to reasonably apply the laws of consumer perception, which can make advertisinggiftArouse consumers' perception in a short period of time, allowing further "communication" with consumers.


advertisegiftWhether it can attract the attention of consumers

when advertisinggiftAfter arousing consumers' perception in a short period of time, it must then attract consumers' attention before it can play its role. advertisegiftIf it cannot attract the attention of consumers, then its other functions cannot continue to be reflected. Therefore, when designing adsgiftWhen doing so, consumers’ attention patterns must be taken into consideration. for advertisinggiftGenerally speaking, there are two types of factors that attract consumers’ attention. One is advertising.giftits own characteristics. advertisegiftnovelty, contrast, advertisinggiftCharacteristics such as location will affect the degree of attention in consumption; the second category is the subjective state of consumers, such as attention to advertisements.giftneeds, mood at the time, etc.

advertisegiftCan it arouse emotional resonance among consumers?

advertisegiftThe ultimate goal of design is to prompt consumers to form purchasing behaviors, and consumers' purchasing behaviors are closely related to their emotional activities. Consumers' emotions can be transformed into purchasing motives. Therefore, paying attention to consumers' emotional patterns is the key to advertising.giftimportant aspects of design. In order to better enable consumers to respond to advertisinggiftGenerate emotional resonance when designing adsgiftAt the same time, designers should pay attention to the appeal and persuasion of design language, and at the same time strengthen the humanization and interest of products. In this way, the designed advertisementsgiftIt will be more recognized and accepted by consumers.

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