A brief discussion on gift selection

giftIt is a mutual gift in business activitiesgiftitselfoneA big deal.giftThe choice conveys information such as power, sophistication, knowledge and interest. It can either improve or damage a company's image. Presented to the Chairman of the Board of Directorsgiftfor advertisinggift, the selection and giving of such business gifts is not an easy task.

U.S. companies spend as much as four billion dollars each year on business gifts.

giftrecentoneA survey showed that when giving awaybusiness giftForty-seven percent of U.S. companies responded yes"Effective" or "very effective", another 39% of companies think that it is at least "somewhat effective", and only 2% of companies think that gift giving is of no benefit. Why does the company sendbusiness gift? according toonesurvey,giftThe primary reason is to show appreciation for others, with the secondary reason being to develop business relationships through well wishes. Among the respondents wereoneHalf give gifts at Christmas, nearly a thirdonePeople give gifts on special occasions.giftMore and more companies realize that giving gifts in business activities is not only for advertising but also for mutual communication.onean important aspect. The following isoneThese are some small gift-giving principles. Generally speaking, as long as the gift-giver can empathize with others and think more about the other person.oneIf you think about it, you won’t make too big a mistake.

giftChoose a gift that you would like to receive. If you don’t like the gift you give, how can others like it?Don’t give away gifts you received last year this year or simplyputThrow it away, because the person giving the gift usually pays attention to whether you use what he gave If you are richer,giftgive gifts tooneOrdinary friends should not be too generous, as this can sometimes cause unnecessary embarrassment and have the opposite effect.oneSome thoughtful gifts would be better.

giftRemember to remove the price tag from the gift and leave the tag on the gift. The gift can only convey two messages.oneOne is:"How much is our friendship worth?" anotheroneOne is"Watch it! You have to give me a gift of the same price next time." And this message can destroy all the sentiments of gift-giving! Furthermore, regardless of the value of the gift itself,giftIt's best to wrap it in wrapping paper. Sometimes paying attention to these subtle details can better reveal the gift-giver's intentions. gift You must consider whether the recipient of the gift can use the gift you give in daily life. For example, could he have room for such a large painting in his home?

giftWhen some people visit someone's home, they don't think of the gift until they are about to leave. When they take out the gift at the door, the host refuses to accept it because of humility and courtesy.giftQuite embarrassing, how to avoid this situation from happening? The best time to give a gift is to enter the door and offer the gift after saying a few words. In this way, there will be no situation where the other party refuses to accept the gift because of politeness and the two parties are deadlocked at the door.giftIf you miss the opportunity to give gifts at the door, you might as well give them after you are seated and while the host is pouring tea. At this time, not only will it not interrupt the original conversation, but it will also add another element to the conversation.oneWhat a topic! give awaygiftThe specific circumstances and occasions should be considered.

giftoneGenerally, when going to a private family dinner, you should bring some small things for the, such as bouquets, fruits, local products, etc. If you have children, you can give toys and candies. Invited to attend a wedding, except for artistic clothingapparelIn addition, you can also give bouquets and practical items as gifts during New Year and Christmas.oneGenerally, calendars, wine, tea, candies, cigarettes, etc. can be given as gifts. Master the timing and method of giving gifts.

giftoneIt should be given face to face. But sometimes to attend a wedding, you can also send it in advance. To celebrate holidays and give new year gifts, you can send them to your door or send them by mail. At this time, you should followgiftAttached is the gift giver’s business card.giftYou can also handwrite the congratulatory message and put it in an envelope of similar size. The name of the recipient is written on the envelope and affixed to the envelope.giftThe top of the packaging skin. Normally, in public, onlyonesomeone in the crowdonePersonal gifts are inappropriate.giftBecause the recipient will feel bribed and fooled, and it will make the non-recipient feel left out and looked down upon.giftIt is not advisable to give gifts to people you are close to in public.giftTo avoid giving the public the impression that your close relationship is entirely supported by material things. There are only special gifts that are light on courtesy but heavy on friendship.giftGifts that express special emotions are suitable for giving in public. Because at this time the public has become a witness to your sincere friendship. likeonesomething specialgiftwait. Be friendly and don’t miss your wordsWhen giving gifts, pay attention to attitude, actions and language expression. Peaceful, friendly, graceful movements and polite language expressions,giftIt is the recipient who is willing to accept it.giftThe kind of thief who quietly stealsgiftPlacing it under the table or in a corner of the room will not only fail to achieve the purpose of gifting, but may even have the opposite effect.giftTake into account customs and etiquettegiftIt is one of the norms of social etiquette to give courtesy according to people and,forgiftThe choice should also comply with thisonerequirements.

giftThe choice of gift should be treated differently according to different recipients.oneGenerally speaking, it is better to provide benefits to those who are poor;giftFor the wealthy, sophistication is better; for lovers, lovers, and lovers, commemoration is better;giftFor friends, it is better to be interesting; for the elderly, it is better to be practical; for children, it is better to be enlightening and novel; for foreign guests, it is better to be unique.

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