Which mask should be chosen for epidemic protection?

The arrival of the epidemic has disrupted the daily routine of many people. The biggest change is that now you need to wear a mask when going out. There are three common types of masks. Each type has a different function and the substances filtered by the mask are also different. Medical masks commonly used today can effectively block droplets. As anti-epidemic supplies, they can effectively prevent viruses from entering our bodies. Let’s take a look at the functions of various masks!

Cotton masks are a kind of modern and widely used masks. Its main feature is to keep warm. You can also maintain the filtering effect of the mask by replacing the filter. Although cotton masks have very good breathability, cotton masks have almost no dust-proof and anti-bacterial effect. Therefore, the effect of this kind of mask is minimal in big cities with busy traffic and when going to the hospital.

Fashionable cotton masks, this kind of mask is an upgraded version of cotton masks. It has the same warmth-keeping effect as ordinary cotton masks, but on this basis it adds modern people's needs for beauty, has a good-looking personality, and basically has no effect on smog. Protective effect. It is too unhygienic after multiple uses. So long-term use is not recommended.

Medical masks are generally sold in pharmacies and are divided into two types: non-woven disposable medical masks, and gauze masks. Citizens who are more sensitive to climate change can choose to wear disposable medical surgical masks or gauze masks with more than 12 layers. However, it should be noted that the sterilization grade and ordinary grade marked on the outer packaging of medical nursing masks refer to the cleanliness of the mask itself and have nothing to do with the filtration effect. Citizens can look for the "Drug Supervision and Equipment Approval" when choosing.

Activated carbon masks are sold in pharmacies, convenience stores, and online stores. Depending on the quality of the activated carbon in the mask, the price ranges from 20 to 60 yuan per pack, with 50 pieces per pack. They can also be sold individually, but generally because they can be replaced quickly, most people now buy a whole pack.

N95 masks are professional dust masks. Ordinary pharmacies generally do not sell N95 and N90 masks, and hospitals do not sell them to outsiders, let alone to ordinary patients. Citizens need to go to pharmaceutical companies to buy it.

N95 and above masks can be extremely effective in preventing and controlling PM2.5. If you want to prevent and control PM2.5, use N95 or above masks, which are more effective. This kind of mask has better dust filtering effect and sealing effect, but wearing it for a long time will cause stuffiness and discomfort, and can easily cause respiratory diseases.

The epidemic is developing rapidly. Wearing a mask when going out is a necessary anti-epidemic product. If you are not going to a crowded place, ordinary medical masks are enough. It is not recommended to wear professional protective masks, because professional masks require training. Yes, if you don’t know this knowledge, don’t wear it casually.

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