Gift enterprise product design needs innovation

along withgiftThe rapid development of the industry,giftDesign is also receiving more and more attention. OKgift, not only must have a good carrier and concept, but also have good design and packaging.

giftEnterprise product design needs to be “new”. In a dazzling market, only new and unique products can make consumers stop and buy them. That's rightgiftDesign puts forward requirements on how to be different from others and different from ordinary products. I believe that everyonegiftdesigners think about this problem all the time. A competitive company, a company with market leadership, must have its own research and development capabilities, which is the so-called strong ability to innovate and create. Among them, the design department plays a decisive role.

a goodgiftDesign means a good product, but also the economic benefits and brand benefits it may bring. American writer Daniel Pink wrote in his new work "New Thinking": "In an era of material abundance, it is no longer enough to only meet logical and functional needs. It is not enough for things to have use value. If If something is not eye-catching and lovable, no one will buy it because there are too many other choices. Advantages in design, customer sentiment and other soft intelligence are the main magic weapons for merchants to stand out in a fiercely competitive market. “Technology has become so ubiquitous that performance trends in the consumer market have become less clear. On the contrary, people who pursue individuality and fashion increasingly value the design and emotional appeal of products. Therefore, a good product packaging, a just right design or creativity, may bring you unexpected gains.

Create an unforgettable experience for your customers! This principle applies wherever it is used. Whoever can create products that best match consumers' objective experience and individual feelings will be able to occupy the market high ground. At this point, Apple did it. Rather than creating great products that customers love, Apple creates experiences that customers will remember. In fact, as the late Apple CEO Steve Jobs said, consumers don’t know what they need or like. Only when you put the product in front of them does he realize that it is what he needs. Regarding the above words, I believe everyone will be more or less touched. Many good products are unimaginable before you see them, but they do exist or are about to appear. This is the greatness of the human mind!

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