What principles should gift companies pay attention to when choosing promotional products?

giftThe company holds promotional activities in which the promotiongiftThe choice is particularly important. Promotion selected promotiongift, the promotion selected will vary depending on the audience group and time factors.giftThere will also be differences. But overall, the following principles need to be followed:

1.Principle of practicality

one piece promotiongiftWhether it is practical or not depends on the consumer's perception of thegiftJudging by satisfaction, generally speaking, those that are of practical value to consumersgift, are all practical. For example, if a consumer wants to buy a mobile phone, then promotiongiftYou can choose to give away supplies such as headphones and batteries. If consumers want to buy appliances, they can give them as giftscup and kitchenwait. This allows consumers to better appreciate the promotiongiftbrings practicality.

2. Principle of value sensibility

The principle of sense of value needs to be grasped just right. If the sense of value of gifts is too low, it will not attract consumers and fail to achieve the real effect of promotion. Too high a sense of value will increase consumption costs and make consumers question it.

3. Good emotionality

Good emotional gifts generally use gifts that are convenient and easy to carry. Generally, the size of the gifts will not cause unnecessary burden. Choosing these emotional promotional products will make consumers feel that the company is always thinking about customers and leave a good impression on consumers.

4.Principle of creativity and novelty

Creative and novel promotional gifts can always attract consumers' attention. When choosing these promotional gifts, you must grasp the creativity of the product to mobilize consumers' desire to buy.

5. Quality principle

The principle of quality is generally recognized by most consumers and favored by consumers. We must avoid choosing fake and inferior products for such promotional products, because these promotional products will directly damage the company's image in the minds of consumers, and ultimately cause the company's brand image to be devalued. For example, Amway products generally choose products with good brand quality, which can attract most stable customers, thereby bringing a certain degree of satisfaction to consumers and fully and accurately display the brand's concept.

6. Seasonal principle

The principle of seasonality is generally to pay attention to seasonal changes when purchasing promotional products. Seasonal promotional products can bring sensory appeal to consumers. Otherwise, consumers will be bored with promotional products and think that these gifts are redundant products. .

7. Repeatability principle

Only by allowing consumers to frequently see promotional items and the advertising words contained therein can their impressions be deepened. Therefore, when choosing promotional items, you should consider how consumers will use them. The more frequent the use or exposure, the greater the "repetition" effect.

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