How much do you know about gift USB storage?

USBMemories are widely used in today's life. They can better store information and increase the carrier function of information.

In a paperless office environment, documents between colleagues are basically transmitted through electronic documents.+network. In addition to convenience, there will also beoneThere are some restrictions, such as reading in an unfamiliar environment, no network environment, high-security company files, and poor network environment.USBMemory requirements are higher, asbusiness giftVery suitable.

USBSeveral common classifications:

1,according toUSBAccording to material, it can be divided into metalUSB,plasticUSB, soft glueUSB,leatherUSB, woodenUSB, jewelryUSBwait. These are mainly consideredUSBThe material used for the shell itself.

2,fromUSBDivided by capacity, that is2G,4G,8G,16G,32G,64G,Besides that128G,256G,512G,1Twait.

3, From the perspective of brand, it is divided according to the products of major manufacturers. What Kingston, Patriot, Netac, Apacer,PNYwait. For this classification,USBPeople in the industry may know better. Because for many manufacturers,USBOnly his subordinatesonebranch business. People who don’t know its parent company estimate that itsUSBDon't know much about the product. brandUSBThe quality is better and suitable ascorporate giftsGive to important customers. If you are interested inUSBIf you have any needs in this regard, you can also contactIGP, we will serve you wholeheartedly to meet your needs.

4,USBIt can also be classified according to its actual use, such as gift givingUSB,advertiseUSB, businessUSBwait. This classification is based on its actual use.

5,fromUSBStructural division, finallyUSBIt can also be divided into ordinaryUSBand black colloidUSB. black colloidUSBIt is composed of encapsulated black colloid and outer shell. ordinaryUSBIt is composed of shell, chip, crystal oscillator, etc.

IGPThere is also crystal engraving insideUSB, interesting shapeUSB,ledglowUSBwaitgift, relative toonegeneralUSBIt is more creative and attractive.


USBThe plate body has enough space to print advertisements to enhance the brand image. It can also be customized to have the same shape and concept as the company's products. In addition toUSBDisk printingLOGOIn addition, corporate advertising files (videos, documents, pictures, etc.) can also be solidified in the chip to automatically play value-added services.USBIt has a long service life and is an indispensable storage tool for daily life.USBasgift, equal to the company spendingoneI spent a lot of time doing advertising for many years,oneOnce launched, the brand promotion effect is permanent.

As long as the user usesUYou can see the advertising content you want to show to users. There are the following3There are several functions to choose from:

1,UDisk pre-storageonecompany website URL, with a commonUany function of the disk, whenUdisk inserted into computerUSBWhen accessing the interface, the computer will automatically enter the website address immediately.

2,insertUDisk to computer and play firstonesegment advertisingFLASH, electronic magazines, slideshows, video materials, etc. (you can set the closing time yourself, such as setting10The close button is displayed for a few seconds, then the user has to watch10seconds before it can be closed manually). There is also text scrolling advertising content that can display the latest promotions or special product information.

3, can be a picture,FALSH, slideshow, text scroll ad, website URL,onepop up.

Uplate asgiftThe advantages are as follows

1, Audience:UDisk advertising directly affects those with the most spending poweroneThe effect of family, family-friendly sales and actual feelings can maximize customers' desire to buy and their understanding of new products.

2, Investment Province:UPan advertising breaks the pricing rules of traditional advertising media. Advertisers can set their own spending budget and send targeted advertisements to target customers. The form of communication is fashionable and novel.

3, Accuracy:UThe biggest feature of disk advertising is that it reaches the final consumer directly, which is truly realizedonerightoneThe transmission of information is highly effective.300%reading rate. In the limited time when people are in contact with users, the contact rate between people and advertisements can be increased.

4,flexibility:UThe advertising release time is extremely flexible. Advertisers can change their advertising content at any time according to product characteristics without any restrictions, maximizing the actual needs of advertisers.

5, strong brand promotion effect: it has any otheroneAn instant sensational effect unmatched by any advertising media, with strong durability and high repetition rate.


1, large-scale conferences, public relations activities, exhibitions, etc., as a gift to participantsgift,souvenir;

2, enterprises and institutions give it to customers as a promotional carrier for product advertising, website promotion, instructions, manuals and other information;

3,giftOr give gifts to customers;

4, a new carrier for corporate image and product promotion;

5, bundle product sales for enterprise-level users;

◇Company brand promotion

◇New product promotion

◇Product accessories delivery

giftgive away

◇Activity promotionInvestment tools

USBThe biggest advantages are: compact and easy to carry, large storage capacity, cheap price, and reliable performance.USBThe memory is very small, only about the size of a thumb, and extremely light in weight.oneBeing as usual15It weighs about 1.5 grams and is particularly suitable for carrying around. We can hang it on our chest, hang it on a keychain, or even put it in our wallet.

USBThere is no mechanical device in it and it has extremely strong earthquake resistance. in addition,USBIt also has the characteristics of moisture-proof, anti-magnetic, high and low temperature resistance, etc., and is very safe and reliable.

USBIt will hardly allow water or dust to penetrate, and it will not be scratched, which are serious problems in old portable storage devices (such as CDs, floppy disks). andUSBThe solid-state storage design used makes them resistant to inadvertent external impacts. These advantages makeUSBIdeal for carrying personal data or work files from one place to anotheroneplaces, such as from home to school or office, oronePersonal data generally needs to be carried to and accessed in a variety of locations. becauseUSBAlmost ubiquitous in today's personal computers, it can be used everywhereUSB. However, the small sizeUSBThey are also often misplaced, forgotten or lost.

USBAlthough small, it has a relatively large storage capacity. Early daysUSBSmall capacity, can only be stored16-32MThe file, even then, was equivalent to the capacity of a floppy disk, a common rewritable removable storage medium at the time.10-20times. With the development of science and technology,USBMemory capacity is also increasing rapidly in accordance with Moore's Law. arrive2012so far,4GcapacityUSBStorage is basically on the verge of obsolescence, and mainstreamUSBThe memory capacity develops into8-16G, equivalent to2-4openDVDThe capacity of the disc. The maximum capacity has been reached1T, equivalent to240Yu ZhangDVDThe capacity of the disc.


1, look at the price. goodUSBThe price is significantly higher than that of defective productsUSBThe price is high.

2, measure the speed. goodUSBThe read and write speeds are not slow.oneordinaryUSBThe write rate can reach8–10MB/S;The reading rate can reach15–20MB/S.

3, look at the packaging. goodUSBThe workmanship is fine, including the packaging.

4, use testUSBtools to detect it. picture360USBDetection and other software can detectUSBinterests.

5, purchaseUSBhour,oneBe sure to ask for an invoice, andUSBDon't remove the labels on your body either.

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