How much does it cost to make a custom-made autumn and winter sweatshirt?

In autumn, sweatshirts have become a must-have item for going out on the street. The trend of personalization has become a popular way to customize clothes nowadays, because sweatshirts can show their own attitude, express their own ideas, and make the clothing pattern a personal signature for walking. You can also make your own customized sweatshirts unique and never match them. So what is the general price of customized personalized sweatshirts? How is it calculated?

First of all, if it is a customized sweatshirt, you need to select the fabric and get a quote. In addition, if you choose to purchase the whole piece for subsequent processing, you need to price it based on the selling price of a piece of clothing plus the processing fee. The processing fee is based on the customer's The selection will be accurately calculated by our custom consultant based on the pattern (number of colors, area, number of workstations), number of pieces and process type. The higher the quantity, the lower the production cost and customization price of a single piece will be.

With such a cost-effective price, you can design clothes with your own unique beauty and design. It is even cheaper and more special than the T-shirts on many websites, which is definitely impressive. And it’s more team-like.

In order to make customers' personalized expressions more three-dimensional, IGPEX has opened up most printing processes on the market, so that each pattern has its own "image". If you want to customize it, don't hesitate.

The road to customizing cultural shirts focuses on "brand" and "culture." These are the group's cultural promotion of itself and the humanistic care for its personnel, especially the corporate culture communication that is needed in the Internet field. And a cultural shirt that can express our appearance and posture is also something that a customized cultural shirt can bring to you!

IGP has many years ofgiftCustomized experience can meet your creative design. The printing process also includes screen printing, direct printing, heat transfer and embroidery. You can choose it by yourself, or you can customize it according to the drawing. If you want to know more about customization, you can consult our official website customer service, and we will patiently answer your questions.

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