What should you pay attention to when ordering paper towels?

When ordering paper towels, the quality of the paper towels cannot be ignored. What should you pay attention to when ordering paper towels?

In recent years, all kinds of paper towel customization manufacturers have entered the market. At this time, paper towel customization not only pays attention to the cost, but also pays attention to the paper towels in the paper towel customization. So please pay attention to these few things when choosing paper towels.

Identification of “paper quality” when choosing paper towels

You can notice that each brand of paper towels has different raw materials. They are 100% virgin wood pulp. This is the first paper-making raw material used. It does not contain recycled wood pulp and is the highest quality; 100% virgin wood pulp. It may contain all or part of recycled raw materials, and the quality of this kind of wood pulp is second best; virgin pulp is not all made of wood pulp, but other lower-cost raw materials are added, such as sugarcane bagasse, etc. It is best to choose products made from bamboo pulp, which will usually be marked on the packaging, but beware of misnomers.

Products made from waste paper edges and waste paper are generally in the mid- to low-end range in quality. Generally speaking, the strength is low, and they are easy to shed lint and powder. Some of them fall apart when exposed to water. When used to wipe sweat in summer, Paper wool easily sticks to the face.

Choose the “weight” of paper towels

After reading the raw materials, you should look at the weight. The number of draws is too one-sided. Even if the number of draws is large and the number of layers of paper is small, the weight of the paper will not be very heavy.

Choose a “famous brand” of paper towels

Products from well-known brands have quality assurance. Although they may be a little more expensive, they are guaranteed to be hygienic, comfortable and safe to use. This is the most hassle-free way to choose paper towels.

Choose the “packaging” of paper towels

When choosing paper towels, pay attention to the name, address, phone number, etc. of the manufacturer on the product packaging. There should also be printed the name of the product and the standards it implements, the grade of the product, the date of production, the expiration date, etc. It is best to buy the latest products produced.

Choosing the “color” of paper towels When choosing paper towels, the whiter the better, the paper towel product standards stipulate that the whiteness of grade A products is 85.0%~90.0%. In order to improve the whiteness of the products, some unscrupulous companies add excessive amounts of fluorescent whitening agents. As a result, the whiteness of tissue paper exceeds 90.0%. Such products look unnaturally white and the tone is not soft.

Choose the “water absorbency” of paper towels

Good paper towels are highly absorbent. Let the water completely wet the paper towels. Good paper towels will become softer when exposed to water. Strong water absorption and not easy to break.

What are the advantages of custom-made advertising tissues? Why are more and more people choosing to order them on the shelves?

1. Although advertising paper towels are used as a carrier of advertising, they are still paper towels. They have strong practical functions and are valuable to consumers. Therefore, they are easy to be retained and used by consumers, giving advertisements more opportunities to display.

2. The customization cost of advertising paper towels is relatively low compared to other marketing methods, which is beneficial to merchants in cost control.

3. Many advertising tissues have a strong sense of design, so they are easy to be remembered by consumers, which greatly improves the effect of advertising.

Advertising tissues are generally customized. So, how to customize advertising tissues? What should you pay attention to when customizing advertising tissues?

I would like to remind you that when customizing advertising paper towels, you must choose a standard company that has strength, credibility, and a guaranteed construction period.

Specifically, merchants should pay attention to the following points when customizing advertising tissues:

1. Construction period: Generally, merchants and companies often choose to use advertising paper towels for advertising and promotion during holidays, so manufacturers of customized advertising paper towels will also receive a lot of orders before. Since the customization of advertising paper towels requires a certain construction period, it can easily lead to delays and losses. Therefore, when customizing advertising paper towels, you must consider the construction period, etc., and contact the advertising paper towel manufacturer in advance for customization.

2. Printing quality: The printing of advertising tissue includes single-color printing, four-color printing, five-color printing, etc. The printing quality varies. The quality of monochrome printing is not high, but the price is cheap. The quality of five-color printing is good, but the price is high. Therefore, when customizing advertising tissue boxes, you must comprehensively consider the printing quality and cost, and try to choose some advertising tissue manufacturers with guaranteed quality and favorable quotations for customization.

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