What are the functions of advertising and promotional products in marketing activities?

Marketing activities are marketing methods often used by companies in the entire sales process. They can quickly promote the clearance of poorly sold products or increase overall sales. advertising promotiongiftIt is one of the commonly used means in marketing activities. What role can it play?

Increase corporate product market sales

advertising promotiongiftThe most important effect is to increase the sales of the company's products. By attracting the attention of customers, more and more people will notice the marketing campaign, thus increasing the sales of the business. In addition, promotional items can also prompt consumers to purchase more products or services in order to obtain more promotional items. Therefore, use advertising to promotegiftIt can increase sales and revenue, which is also the key reason why many people apply this marketing technique, because it can effectively increase overall sales and create greater profit margins for the company.

Expand corporate visibility

Some people may choose to do what appears to be a loss-making marketing campaign in order to expand the visibility of their business. While it may not generate profits in the short term, it can build a good reputation for the business, which in turn can drive a significant increase in overall sales. This is also the ultimate goal for many companies to decide to conduct some marketing activities that make customers unbelievable.

Improve customer relations

Advertising and promotional items can help businesses improve customer relationships. When a business provides promotional items to existing customers, they can feel that the business values and cares about them, thereby enhancing customer loyalty. In addition, promotional items can also be used as customer feedback gifts to express the company's gratitude and praise to customers. Therefore, the use of advertising promotional items can increase customer satisfaction and loyalty, thereby improving customer relationships.

Consume inventory items

It's difficult for operations staff to predict sales, so they usually keep a certain amount of inventory on hand when restocking. If these items cannot be sold, they need to be sold asgiftGive them away to avoid excessive inventory backlog affecting market sales.

Therefore, advertising promotiongiftIt still plays an important role in the marketing and sales stage. Through marketing activities, companies can attract customers' attention, and at the same time, they can also attract customers' attention to other products that are more conducive to increasing profit margins, thereby increasing overall net profits. This is a common and sophisticated marketing technique.

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