What fabrics are commonly used in sportswear?

The best way to customize team clothing in winter is to choose sportswear. However, many customers are not familiar with the fabrics of team clothing. They don’t know which fabrics are more comfortable and which fabrics look better. So today IGPEX will introduce to you, among the team clothing Fabric selection. Come and take a look.

Pure cotton, pure cotton fabric is a textile made of cotton as raw material and made of warp and weft yarns intertwined vertically and horizontally through a loom. Currently, according to the actual source of processed cotton, it is divided into native cotton fabrics and recycled cotton fabrics. Cotton with a cotton content of around 75% is pure cotton. Don’t think that pure cotton is organic cotton. They are still different.

Bamboo charcoal fiber: Bamboo charcoal has the reputation of "black diamond" and is internationally known as the "new guardian of environmental protection in the 21st century". Bamboo charcoal fiber is made from moso bamboo as raw material, and adopts a new calcination process and new technology of pure oxygen, high temperature and nitrogen barrier delay, which makes the micropores inherent in bamboo charcoal more refined and honeycombed, and then combined with the trend of honeycomb microporous structure Made from melt spinning of modified polyester chips. The most distinctive feature of this fiber is that each bamboo charcoal fiber has a honeycomb microporous structure that penetrates both inside and outside. This unique fiber structure design can bring out 100% of the functions of bamboo charcoal. The birth of this multi-functional bamboo charcoal fiber is a revolutionary innovation of multi-functional textile raw materials.

Polyester fiber: Polyester fiber fabric is a synthetic fiber obtained by spinning polyester formed by the polycondensation of organic dibasic acid and glycol. The polyester chain research report points out: The polyester fiber produced in large quantities in industrialization is made of polyethylene terephthalate, and the Chinese trade name is polyester. It is currently the largest variety of synthetic fibers.

Quick-drying fabrics: Quick-drying fabrics are a very professional issue. Different fabrics use different principles. Some use similar characteristic principles of shape memory polymers; quick-drying fabrics that use the principle of microporous film are extremely popular in the market. common. Its quick-drying principle is to use a thin film with a micropore diameter between the maximum diameter of water molecules and air molecules and the minimum diameter of water droplet molecules, and then composite the film with the outer fabric, so that the fabric becomes waterproof and breathable. .

The above are several commonly used fabrics for team clothing on the market. If you do a lot of exercise, it is better not to choose pure cotton. If it is just general exercise, you can consider it. After all, pure cotton team clothing is more comfortable.

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