How should banks choose promotional gifts?

bank purchase marketinggiftWe should adhere to the integration of centralization and decentralizationone. Centralization means that for the sake of cost saving, the head office controlsoneDevelop marketing plans and centralize purchasing and marketinggift. Decentralization means that each business outlet purchases marketing that meets its own needs in a targeted manner based on its own specific Centralized procurement has the advantages of large scale and low cost, but the disadvantage is that the model is singleone, low efficiency, and may not be consistent with the actual actual situation of the outlet. Decentralized purchasing is relatively more flexible, diverse and efficient. Of course, the shortcomings are also very obvious. The coordination costs and purchase costs are relatively high.

one,Bank Head Office Selection Principles

(one)articles for daily use

oneThe effectiveness of a product is more reflected in the frequency of use. Daily necessities are items that everyone uses daily, so they are easiest to evoke a sense of utility among customers. Surveys show that the most popular among customersgiftIncluding kitchen utensils, bedding, household appliances,household productsetc., without exception, they are all daily durable goods. The bank's image and reputation can be conveyed through high-quality daily necessities, triggering a strong sense of identity and belonging among customers.

(two)“Small items with high quality”

Because it’s marketinggift, the value of a single item cannot be too high; at the same time, because it is given to customers, customers cannot be made to think that the things are insignificant. Practice has proved that people tend to cherish things that they think are of high value, while they often don’t care much about cheap items. A compromise solution is"Small items with high quality" and "small items" mean that the price of such items is relatively low, such as shoes and scarves. Even the most expensive shoes are not as expensive asoneAirplanes are expensive."High configuration" means high configuration. As the name suggests, it is the best combination of brand, material, function, etc.

(3) Easy to store

Bank business premises have limited space and cannot be stacked too, which requires purchasinggiftWhen purchasing, try to choose items that are small in size, regular in shape, and save space when stored. In order to save money,giftCandidates should be stable and able to be stored for long periods of time without requiring many specialized protective measures. According to this standard, fresh products that are easily spoiled cannot becomegift, drinks with a relatively short shelf life such as milk and honey are not suitable forgift.

(4) Health and environmental protection

Caring about customers and fulfilling social responsibilities are the duties of modern banks. From the perspective of customer health, banks should purchase green and safe food to reward customers. Products such as water purifiers and air humidifiers that are helpful in improving customers' quality of life should be included in banks'giftPurchase Order. Accordingly, purchasegiftVarious genetically modified and other taboo products should be avoided. Banks can purchase bicycles, solar power banks, solar toys,, combining normal marketing activities with the social responsibility of advocating low-carbon and environmental protection can not only smoothly promote the marketing plan, but also enhance its own reputation.

(5) Seasonal products

Eat seasonal fruits and send them in seasongift. Although in terms of customer coverage, choosing all-weather products can save a lot of costs, but suchgiftIt’s often not easy to shine. Giving the right gift at the right time isonedoor knowledge. hot summer day,oneExquisite parasols can easily capture the hearts of female customers; on cold winter days, scarves and masks will undoubtedly gain more favor from customers; on Valentine's Day,onestylish couplecup and kitchen, Couple rings can effectively promote mobile banking, online banking and other services among young people; festive and practical red envelopes, Spring Festival couplets, etc.giftIt is almost all customers’ favorite during the Spring Festival.

2. Key points for purchasing at bank outlets

(one) to meet the special needs of customer groups

The target customers of business outlets are usually surrounding enterprises, institutions and residents, and different outlets have different types of customer groups. There are usually two ways to segment customer groups,oneThe first method is to divide customers into old, middle-aged, young, unmarried young and other groups according to their life cycle. According to the age stage and actual needs of customers, choose and buy products suitable for these groups.onegroup marketinggift. The second is to divide customers into groups such as scientific researchers, private owners, pharmaceutical salesmen, and construction workers according to industry. Based on the customer groups served by the outlets, targeted purchases are often used in the industries to which the customer groups

(2) OptionalgiftHas a sense of hierarchy

oneRefers togiftThe values are evenly arranged from high to low. differentgiftFinancial products or services corresponding to different prices respectively, so that when customers choose financial products or services, they cangift, roughly estimating the value of financial products and services. HierarchicalgiftWhile providing customers with diversified choices, reduce customer choicesgiftDifficulties. two isgiftIt has extensive use value. Choose versatilegiftCombine to maximize the expansion"giftPool". PurchasedgiftShould cover bedding,cup and kitchen, bathroom supplies, office supplies, etc., providing customers with diverse preferences.

(3) Grasp the timing of purchase

Banks and other industry companiesoneIn this way, I hope to achieve success at the beginning of the new year"A good start." And every yearoneThe quarter also coincides with the Chinese Lunar New Year. Banks can combine their marketing plans with the Lunar New Year and choose products that are festive and, enjoy the joy of the New Year with customers and enhance customers' sense of identification with the bank. foroneSome customers whose cash flow is affected by seasonality should choose to purchase products that meet the needs of such customers when their cash returns.giftCarry out focused marketing. For outlets near the village gathering areas in the city during the transformation process, we should choose to carry out reserve marketing at the end of the year or in the middle of the year, because the end of the year and the middle of the year are theWhen the "compensation money" and "resettlement fee" are in place.

(4) Respect customers’ special customs and habits

Customers have unique customs and habits due to factors such as region, climate, ethnicity, race, religion, etc. Bank purchase marketinggiftCustomers’ ethnic and religious taboos should be taken into consideration when purchasing products that conform to their customs and For example, the Hui people do not eat pork, so pork products and pig toys should be excluded from marketinggiftone. Chili products may be more popular among customers in Changsha and Wuhan, which have relatively hot and humid climates. Shop MarketinggiftThe common taboos of society should also be taken into consideration. Items such as knives and scissors contain"oneCut in two with a knife” meaning, it is not suitable as a marketinggift. Handkerchiefs are not suitable for marketing as they are usually used in funeral settingsgift. Due to the same or similar syllables, items such as clocks and umbrellas are not suitable asgift.

In short, proper marketinggiftThe standards are nothing more than, for banks, cost savings, atmosphere, high quality, and being able to capture customers' attention."Heart"; for customers, it can be used to take care of daily life, it is very decent to use, healthy, environmentally friendly and pollution-free. Banks can only start from customer needs, establish a three-dimensional procurement system for the head office and grassroots outlets, form a good procurement mechanism with up-down linkage and complementary advantages, and select products that fit the bank's marketing, can you take the lead in the fierce marketing war.

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