Regarding POLO team clothing, how should we wear it?

Customization of company team clothing is very important, and it is also important for employees to know how to wear it. For example, POLO shirts are simple in design, not as casual as collarless T-shirts, nor as serious as shirts, and are suitable for both movement and movement. Although the style of Polo shirts has not changed much since its birth, the bright and bright colors are sweat-absorbent and breathable. Its texture and casual style make it enduring on the fashion stage.

For company team clothing customization, there are several common ways to wear POLO shirts:

Polo shirts are "for business wear": fully buttoned and waisted, paired with trousers or trousers-style casual pants. For light-colored polo shirts, they will also be "bottomed." This is a very elegant way of dressing, suitable for business and formal occasions.

Polo shirts for "casual wear": Generally, POLO shirts have 2-3 buttons. When worn close to the body, you can button the bottom buttons and undo one or two top buttons to match with casual pants.

"Fashionable wearing" of Polo shirts: Turning up the collar of Polo shirts is now a very popular way of wearing them among young people. Some brands will also focus on the collar when designing POLO shirts.

Polo shirts are "sports wear": usually choose a loose version or size, the material is cotton, can be worn at the waist, and paired with sports pants or sports casual pants.

Tips for wearing Polo shirts: How to wear Polo shirts depends on the occasion. For formal occasions, the "business wear" method is still strictly adopted. When exercising, choose pure cotton POLO shirts. Fabrics such as mercerized cotton and mulberry silk are relatively expensive and not wear-resistant. They are usually worn in business occasions or Wear it when you go to work, and it will be cooler when you wear it in an air-conditioned environment.

Polo shirts are mostly made of cotton, and their service life has a lot to do with how they are washed. When washing, wash by hand. If you use a washing machine, put it in a laundry bag to prevent it from being caught by the buttons of other clothes and underwear.

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