What is the role of mugs in gift selection?

Many people don’t understand what mug means, and they don’t know when mug was called mug. In fact, mug is transliterated from the English mug, which refers to a cup with a handle. The Chinese transliteration of mug-cup is "mug".

Mug is also the general name of ceramic cup with handle and the nickname of coffee cup. Starbucks, a brand loved by coffee lovers, uses its own brand name for its mugs. Starbucks’ City Mug will have different designs based on the characteristics of each city. Specific mugs can only be purchased in specific cities. In addition to Starbucks and the English name of the city. Many people who love Starbucks go to different countries and cities to buy different City Mugs as souvenirs and become collectibles.

Mug is a type of household cup, generally used for hot drinks such as milk, coffee, and tea. Some Western countries also have the habit of drinking soup from mugs during work breaks. The cup body is generally a standard cylindrical or quasi-cylindrical shape and has a handle on one side of the cup body. The handle shape is usually half ring. Usually the material is pure porcelain, glazed porcelain, glass, stainless steel or plastic. There are also a few mugs made of natural stone, which are generally more expensive. The mugs are rich in shapes and colors. On the premise of achieving the basic purpose of serving drinks, the mug body can be designed into different shapes such as animals, plants, animated characters, etc., and the handles can also have large rings, small rings, or even split rings, etc. Commonly used mugs at home can generally hold liquids ranging from 150 ml to 350 ml. There are also a few large beer mugs that can hold about 500 ml of liquid.

The biggest difference between a mug and a Chinese teacup is that in addition to its larger size, the cup body is also thicker to maintain the temperature of hot drinks. For ease of use, most porcelain mugs are designed to be used directly in the microwave and dishwasher, but there are a few special cases that require use and care according to the manufacturer's instructions. Before the 17th century, Europeans could only produce glazed pottery, which had very low strength. Once the cup handle was attached, it would easily fall off while holding it. Therefore, early cups had a metal sleeve. This metal sleeve was not a luxury in the early days. , but a kind of helplessness, they can't even lift the cup. Later, Europeans discovered that Chinese ceramics were very strong and could not be broken off or broken off, so Europeans customized a large number of these ceramic mugs in China.

The birth of the mug is a product of the advancement of the times. At present, mugs are more often used by white-collar workers or families. If we customize or asgift, is also a good choice!

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