List of the most IN black technology gifts in 2019 (2)

2018Year3moon3dayPaMuHeadphones loginIndiegogo, and ended successfully, exceeding the crowdfunding goal by more than 8,000 times. In addition to the crowdfunding goal far exceeding expectations,PaMuThe earphones also triggered reports from major media, and this product received great attention and recognition.

How can such an excellent product only shine abroad?

IGPCreative artsgiftSpecially brought herePaMuThe first generation and the latest second generation new Bluetooth headsets launched at the end of the year can meet your different needs.

True Bluetooth wireless headphones bring you a new "sound" life

ApplesinceiPhone7/7+Canceled since3.5mmHeadphone plug(Sound source hole), many small phone manufacturers began to follow up, and the market for Bluetooth headsets gradually increased.2018YearConsumer Electronics Show(CES 2018)middle, there is also a headphone brand whose products have attracted everyone’s attention. It was launched online in early March.IndiegogoAfterwards, not only did it reach its crowdfunding goal on the same day, but it also ended up with a record-breaking amount of money.938,130USD to quickly end the entire crowdfunding project, creating a foreign crowdfunding platformindiegogoCompliance rate9381%Record of successful fundraising.

IGPCreative artsgiftBring you a new Bluetooth headset experience,PaMuThere is an exclusively designed charging box, in addition toPaMuThe headphones themselves3.5In addition to hours of battery life, it can be fully recharged through the charging box alone.3times, a total of about12Hours of battery life, you don’t have to worry about charging when you’re outside all day long, just put PaMu When the earphones are put back into the charging case, they will automatically shut down and charge.Press the switch button next toThe outer box can be easily opened, which is a very ingenious design.

As soon as you take out the headphones, you will see a red and blue light flashing prompt.PaMuThe headset will automatically start up and enter the Bluetooth pairing function, so the entire operation process is very convenient, automated and simple, and it is very easy to use.

Unique earplug design, the tube and ergonomic earplugs will be firmly fixed in the ear socket, making it comfortable and stable to wear without falling off. The fixed wing tips can fit the auricle, making the earphones more secure to wear and not easy to fall out even while traveling. . plusPaMuhaveIPX5Waterproof level, weight only6.5g, go jogging or exercising in the gym, no matter how much you sweat, you are not afraid of water getting in or falling off! Use bothABSEnvironmental material, so it has good corrosion resistance and waterproof degreeIPX5, so it’s no problem to use it to listen to music while sweating during exercise. It’s a high-end product for people who love sports.giftIt can be said to be quite suitable.

The original factory comes with three different sizes of earplugs, large, medium and small for users to replace.(One of them is installed on the headset from the factory.), you can choose suitable earplugs according to the size of your ear canal.For those who love sports,PaMuDefinitely a good choice,Ergonomic design, comfortable and never fall off. You can have music with you for running, dancing, and water sports!

The most important thing about headphones is sound quality.PaMuThe performance is also excellent. Compared with true wireless Bluetooth headsets of the same price range,PaMunot only possessHi-FiThe high quality is high, the bass is very deep, and the vocal processing is very detailed. When listening to music, the layering is clear, and it supports answering calls with both ears at the same time.

Upgraded version new arrival|PaMuScrollReel bluetooth headset

Following the first generation inIndiegogoget938,130Dollarfundraising, compliance rate9381%impressive success stories, a new and upgraded version ofPaMuScrollOnce again set an amazing record that is hard to shake.2018Year11moonThe wireless headset fundraising plan with "the most support in the history of the world",raised in total3,281,217US dollars, the compliance rate is as high as15375%Astonishing record, what exactly is the charm that makes this true wireless Bluetooth headset so popular?IGPCreative artsgiftRecommend to you this headset that is highly praised at home and abroad.

Unique rolling scroll design

andthisSecond-ratePaMuScrollThe earphone storage box adopts a rolling scroll design and has4different texture colorsLeather materialAvailable as an option, the storage box can also be used for charging.PamuScrollThe longest continuous playback3.5hour music or5hours of calls.The charging storage box is available separately3One charge can provide up to10.5hours of music,The volume of the storage box with rolling scroll design is not large, and the specifications of the storage box are38mm*38mm*103mm, Bluetooth headset specifications are17mm*19.5mm*25.5mm. The whole thing is made of plastic material, and the earmuffs are made of medical silicone.5g, the design is light and suitable for sports, commuting, and leisure.

Waterproof and headphone functions fully upgraded

PaMu ScrollThe earphones have an ergonomic design. The earphones can fit firmly against the ears without any pressure on the ears. You can hardly feel the existence of the earphones. Even if they are constantly shaking while running, there will be no problem of falling off. They are very suitable for sports use and are unavoidable during exercise. Contact with sweat,PaMuScrollUpdated toIPX6The waterproof function provides all-round and angle waterproof protection, so that everyone will no longer be affected by rain or sweat when running, and can keep the inside of the earphones dry at any time to enjoy high quality.PaMuScrollUpdate to Bluetooth5.0, can provide2times the transmission speed,30meter reception range, reducing sound and picture out-of-sync situations. And after completing the first Bluetooth pairing, there will be no such trouble in subsequent uses. After opening the storage box and taking out any one of the earphones, it can be connected to the mobile phone.PaMuScrollBluetooth headsets not only eliminate the cumbersome wire arrangement procedures of wired headsets, but also allow users to experience the exclusive experience of wireless headsets.Automatic switch on and off, automatic pairing"A true wireless fast experience.

If you need to give high-end gifts to important customersgiftneeds,PaMu ScrollBluetooth headsets are your best choice.

The factory comes with earplugs in three different sizes: large, medium and small (S/M/L), for users to replace. You can choose the appropriate earplugs according to the size of your ear canal.For those who love sports,PaMu ScrollDefinitely a good choice,Ergonomic design, comfortable and never fall off. You can have music with you for running, dancing, and water sports!

IGPCreative artsgiftin the upcoming2019In the year, we have prepared a creative technology full of sincerity for you.giftList for you to sendgiftBe unique and not fall into the cliché.

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