What factors affect the price of USB finger customization?

CustomizedgiftThe price is usually a matter of great concern to consumers, and this also includes the price of USB finger customization. What factors affect the price of USB finger customization before it changes? These issues will be discussed in detail below so that companies can more fully grasp the relevant factors of USB finger customization prices.

Raw material composition

As we all know, a formed USB storage disk is mainly composed of a crystal vibration circuit, a main chip, a PCB substrate, an LED, a USB head, a capacitor, etc. Even a smaller USB storage disk must have this spare part. Generally, the application of product materials is getting more and more Well, the higher the customization price, the shorter the service life of general materials, and of course the price is cheaper.

Chip material

At present, most of the customized USB finger chips on the market use flash memory chips. If the price of chips or other materials changes, the price of customized USB fingers will definitely change accordingly.

Chip volume

The specifications of USB finger customization capacity are generally between 2MB and 64GB. During the period, the chip sizes that are most frequently customized by enterprises are 2GB, 4GB, and 8GB. Generally speaking, the smaller the USB finger chip size, the more expensive it is. Cost-effective, and the higher the capacity of the USB finger custom chip, the higher the price. Therefore, when the company orders different USB finger capacities, it also directly determines the price of USB finger customization.


There are many types and types of USB finger shells when customized, and the quality also varies. At present, the most common customization methods for USB finger shells include metal shells, metal plus plastic, plastic casings and other materials, which affect the USB finger. The fluctuation of customization prices is also related to the selected appearance materials. Enterprises can make appropriate choices based on their own requirements.

Production scale

The scale of production is also one of the factors that affects the price of USB finger customization. If the production scale is small, the production cost will be relatively high, and the selling price of the product will also increase. On the contrary, if the production scale is large, the production cost will be relatively low, and the selling price of the product will also be relatively low.

In addition to the factors mentioned above, the price of USB finger customization will also be affected by factors such as packaging and printed logo. Therefore, it is recommended that enterprises customize USB fingersgiftcontact the supplier orgiftThe company communicates to ensure that the product packaging and printing design conforms to the corporate image and market demand. The cost of printing and packaging must also be considered to avoid affecting the product pricing strategy. Through early communication and coordination, companies can better control the cost and quality of products, thereby improving the market competitiveness of their products.

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